Five Must-have Accessories for Photographers

The best camera for capturing compelling photos, emotions and spontaneous events is the one that you carry with you. Fortunately, these days camera phones deliver spectacular imagery, vibrant color palettes and quality pictures, allowing amateur and professional photographers alike to capture those pivotal moments at all times. Obviously there are tons of professional and high quality cameras out there that produce stunning photos, there are also some exceptional accessories available that can make a simple camera phone yield surprisingly similar results.

The right accessories can aid in common problems such as shutter lag, color proportions and blurriness, among others. So, no matter how advanced of a photographer you may be, if you enjoy taking pictures conveniently with your phone’s camera, consider investing in a few of the following accessories to take your images to the next level.

LED Continuous Light Panel

led light

Shed a little light on your subject because the better lit your scene, the clearer your images will be. A handy light panel brightens the subject with superior-quality LED lighting that delivers more natural colors than even direct sunlight. Camera flashes cause strange glares, red eye, disfiguring shadows and unwanted reflections, but LED lighting provides a natural, appealing atmosphere for your finest shots. You can dim the lights to create ideal lighting to enhance your subject and use the panel as emergency flashlight while capturing images during a power blackout.

Extended Photo Lens

extended photo lensZooming in on subjects with the digital zoom provided in your phone impairs shot quality due to pixelation, which is when you see individual pixels as square images. Extended photo lenses for your smartphone or tablet device provide genuine optical zoom and eliminate blurred long-distance and pixelated images. Most lenses come with mini tripods that you can use to stabilize your camera and deliver an even better quality for your scenic and posed shots.

Camera Connection Kit

iphone connection kitTransferring files between a digital camera or iPhone to an iPad device requires a camera connection kit. You can choose among five different ports to transfer your data, and the lightweight kit is easy to carry with you. If recording audio or listening to a headset, most people prefer USB audio interfaces, but Apple products don’t have USB ports. Use the camera connection kit to transfer your data, plug USB devices into your iPad and sync your photos without starting your camera or accessing a laptop or PC.

Wireless Shutter Release Remote

shutter remoteTake self-portraits or appear unexpectedly in your shots like Alfred Hitchcock. Choose instant-release function or time-delay without sacrificing control of when your shutter activates. Combine the features of a remote-control unit and camera without cables. Some models come with separate automatic-focus and shutter-trigger controls and multiple infrared channels to reduce radio interference, which is particularly useful when other photographers are shooting in the same area and generating overlapping signals. Choose a compact model that fits in your hand for traveling convenience.

Digital Photo Frame

digital frameDigital photo frames allow you to display photographs, link with friends and family and view photos when they post on social-sharing forums. Receive pictures on your frame by creating a dedicated email address for the device. Digital frames allow you to store more images, share with friends, and view your shots in greater detail; in real time.


Interesting, Unique and Just Plain Bizarre Cell Phone Accessories

Have you ever wanted to make a statement with your cell phone? We’ve compiled five of the more…shall we say, “unconventional,” cell phone accessories that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Whether these accouterments are practical or not, they certainly are quite interesting, if not outright bizarre. However, if you are looking to a add unique flair to your cell phone, consider investing in one of these interesting items.

1) Payphone Handset


If you long for the days of clunky payphones (do these people exist??), you will be delighted to learn that there are payphone handsets available for purchase that can be plugged into the side of your cell phone. The handset, which comes in a variety of colors for extra pizzazz, is designed to resemble the payphones that used to line the streets of America. With the handset in place, you can definitely guarantee stares from passerbies as you bring back this long forgotten object.

2) Cell Phone Sweatshirt

For a truly unnecessary addition to your cellphone, you might ponder buying a cell phone carrying case that is designed to resemble a sweatshirt, yes, a sweatshirt. The fabric of the case is made of denim, so you can sleep well knowing your cell phone will be kept warm and toasty during the cold hours of the night. The miniature sweatshirt even comes with tiny sleeves for the full effect. Be careful though, friends might begin to wonder if you’ve lost your mind!

3) Flashing Bracelets

When you’re involved in an activity that calls for complete silence, you probably set your cell phone on silent mode. But chances are, you find yourself checking the phone every few minutes to see if you have missed a call or text. If this sounds familiar, well, here’s a solution for you: alert bracelets. Designed to fit snugly around the wrist, these ostentatious bracelets will flash whenever there is an incoming call. Although somewhat of a interesting idea, we think that the flashing disturbances could potentially be more interrupting than a ringtone.

4) Phone Windshield Wipers

windshield wipers

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the dust and fingerprints that collect on the front of your iPhone, you could consider opting for a miniature windshield wiper set that will faithfully clean the glass at regular intervals. The single-blade wiper, which is made from soft rubber, is anchored to the bottom of the screen and repeatedly swings in an arching motion so that every square inch of the glass is made free of dirt. For individuals who insist on cleanliness for all of their electronic devices, this is a strange, but rather fun option.

5) TV Hat

The TV Hat is a product that allows you to watch videos by strapping an opaque device to your head. The contraption is compatible with most cell phones and allows for a covert movie-watching experience. The company indicates that the TV Hat can be taken on camping trips, road trips and plane flights. One of the silliest looking accessories we came across, you might actually consider in investing in one if you enjoy a disruption-free movie watching experience, in complete isolation.

strange cell phone accessoriesWhile these cell phone accessories are undoubtedly entertaining, they may not be that practical. But then again, many accessories in life aren’t meant to be! If you are ultimately looking for something that will turn heads and create a bit of commotion, there are plenty of bizarre cell phone accessories out there, guaranteed to do just so. However, if you are searching for cell phone accessories that actually offer useful services, check out everything we have to offer at