What Type of Cell Phone User Are You?

Ninety percent of the American public carries a cell phone nowadays, but not everyone does so for the same reasons. Researchers at Experian Simmons have identified five distinct types of cell phone users. Which type are you?

The Modern Cell Phone User

mobile professionalYou’ve practically grown up with a cell phone in your pocket. It’s likely to be a BlackBerry, Nextel or iPhone, and you’re proud of its wide array of apps. Most people classified as this type of user is part of the generation that has grown up on cell phones and would probably be lost without them.

In addition to being a technologically savvy cell phone user, you are also a very social person. You love trying anything new and will always be one of the first to join a new community or social network. Experian Simmons would classify you as one of the 19 percent of users that it calls the “Mobirati.”

The Go-Getter

Your schedule is busy and so are you. With little time to waste on insignificant matters, you use your cell phone more to assist in running errands and performing your job than you do to chat with friends. Your taste leans toward the iPhone, BlackBerry or Palm, but you’d just as soon get your information from a laptop if it weren’t so inconvenient to carry.

Experian Simmons would group you with a modern group it calls the “Mobile Professionals.” You are a productive cell phone user, and your device helps you complete your responsibilities.

The Font of Knowledge

baby boomer on phoneIf you land in this category, you are likely to be a baby boomer in your 50s or 60s, and although you’ve carried one for a number of years, you’re just beginning to learn that your cell phone can do more than simply make calls. You have now evolved into a cell phone user who enjoys using its Internet connectivity to answer such pressing questions as “Will it rain tonight?” and “Where’s the nearest gas station?”

According to Experian Simmons, you are a “Pragmatic Adapter,” and Nokia, Motorola or Sanyo will suit you just fine.

Just the Basics

A cell phone’s appearance leaves you feeling indifferent, and its technical capabilities have no impact on your opinion of the device whatsoever. As long as the phone can make calls, you’ve found yourself a winner. When the next new application hits the street, you are sure to be late to the party if, indeed, you attend it all.

If this sounds like you, you are a traditional and sensible individual. As a “Basic Planner,” your no-nonsense nature extends to most aspects of your life, and all you want in your pocket is a means of connection should an emergency arise.

The Sociable Butteryfly

social mobileYou don’t care all that much about efficiency or productivity, and having all the answers at your fingertips doesn’t mean that much to you. You’d rather use your phone as a social tool, taking advantage of the ease it provides in chatting with friends, planning events and setting up get-togethers.

Experian Simmons would call you a “Social Connector.” Your lifeline is likely to be a Nextel, LG or Sanyo, and your need to stay in touch with friends can be so strong that if you forget your cell phone at home, you’ll jump right back into the car to retrieve it.

What Does it All Mean?

Although different people have their own particular reasons for carrying cell phones, one thing is certain: Few can remember what in the world it was like to leave home without one!