The Best iPhone Pranks

broken iphone appIn the mood for a good laugh? One of the easiest, yet most effective ways to pull off a hilarious practical joke is via your unknowing victim’s iPhone. Obviously your victim must own an iPhone in order to accomplish one of these devious tricks, but if they don’t…with over 150 million people owning an iPhone, you’ve got more than a handful of other oblivious targets to choose from. The tricky part will be getting your hands on their cellphone without igniting suspicion, but if you can successfully snag their iPhone for a few minutes, you can easily generate some laughs by applying one of these harmless, yet hysterical pranks!

1. Scare Your Prank Victim with Fear2

What’s funnier than scaring the living daylights out of someone? With the downloadable Fear2 app, this task couldn’t be easier. Once the app is loaded onto the phone, set the provided timer and the next time your victim goes to use their phone, the timer will run out and an extremely frightening face will appear on the screen accompanied by a blood-curdling scream (so be sure you turn the volume on as well).  The unexpectedness coupled with the shocking elements will certainly provoke a quality reaction. As funny as this will surely be, think about pulling off this prank in an area with a soft floor as there’s a good chance they will drop their phone in horror!

2. Make Your Victim’s Touchscreen Appear to Stop Workingblurry iPhone

This iPhone prank will take the most time to implement, so make sure that your friend is properly distracted before you put it into motion. As soon as you have a secure amount of time, take a screenshot of their iPhone’s home screen. Next, you will need to move all of the icons from this screen into a folder on the second screen. To complete the prank, you will turn the screenshot that you took into their wallpaper. Once all of these steps have been completed, your victim’s iPhone screen will look normal, but it will not do anything when they click on it. This prank will definitely frustrate your prey like no other.

3. Use a Free Web Based Trick to Make Your Victim’s Screen Look Broken

Grab your friend’s phone and visit for a plethora of options to substitute with their home screen. Options include fallen icons, a cracked screen, a blurry screen and a screen filled with smudge marks. Browse through this website for additional tricks you can try out on your friends.

4. Change their Autocorrect Settings

Everyone has experienced some frustration at the hands of the iPhone’s inferior Fallen icon iphoneautocorrect, but you can use this exasperating nuisance to your advantage by implementing this entertaining prank. Simply go to Settings, Keyboard and then click on Add New Shortcut. From here, you can choose any common word (pick a few that they are sure to use often) and provide a funny phrase that will be automatically input each time they type the specified word. Just think how annoying it would be to see the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” pop in to your conversation every time you try to type “the.”

5. Place a Good Old Fashioned Prank Call with a Twist

If you would rather not mess with the settings of your victim’s phone, you can use the PrankBoard app from your own phone to send them a prank call from a wide variety of celebrities, including Mister Rogers. Additionally, this app has the option to send the recipient a prank call from several other annoying sources such as a telemarketer. The options are endless with this great app, so peruse through the options to find the perfect match for your naive victim.