5 Ways You Are Destroying Your Electronics

On any average day, your personal gadgets go through a punishing routine, from colliding with the contents in your bag to enduring extreme temperatures. Although your devices may seem rugged, these incidents could potentially ruin your gadgets if you don’t use extra caution. Learning more about the common dangers that your electronics face, and taking measures to avoid these occurrences, will help you to avoid paying for replacements in the future.

Failure to Use a Case

electronics bagWhen you bought your shiny new tablet or e-reader, you probably thought that a case would make a stylish addition to your gadget. Over time, however, you may have decided that the case was cumbersome. If you don’t use a case, however, you’re putting your devices at risk of physical damage. Even if you’re careful when transporting your electronics, the people around you on the bus or at school may not be so careful. If your electronics never leave home, it’s still a good idea to invest in a case; cases protect your devices from significant damage when you accidentally drop them.

Extreme Temperatures and Improper Ventilation

Extreme heat and cold can harm the inner components and the screen of your device. Leaving your laptop bag in your car on a hot summer day is a good way to harm the device. Extreme temperatures can also damage the battery inside of your smartphone. Even when your device is in your house, you must help it maintain a safe operating temperature and provide proper ventilation. Leaving your laptop on your bed, for example, may cause it to overheat. Instead, you should keep it on a flat surface that will allow air to pass underneath the laptop.

Improper Cleaning Methods

cleaning cell phonesMany household cleaners are designed to clean tough grime and dirt from durable household surfaces. Using these cleaners on the delicate screens of your laptops and tablets could damage their screens and make your devices unusable. Using the wrong type of cleaning cloth can also have harmful effects. Paper towels, for example, are very rough and can scratch screens. To avoid damage, only use cleaners and cloths that are specifically designed to clean electronic devices. The next time you notice a smudge on your tablet, avoid the urge to wipe your screen with your shirt.

Poor Battery Management

Improperly caring for the batteries in your devices can result in unnecessary wear and failed batteries. Smartphones and tablets typically use lithium batteries. These batteries are sensitive to charge levels and improper charging. Allowing your battery to run completely dry can cause permanent damage, but overcharging can also reduce your battery’s lifespan. In addition, be sure to only charge your devices with the cords and chargers made specifically for that device. Your device’s manual should have more information to help you prolong the life of the battery.

Not Updating Your Software

anti virus on smartphoneIf you don’t regularly update your device’s software, your device may easily get hacked or infected with viruses and malware. In addition to potential loss of data, your devices may quit functioning. Although many viruses and hackers target computers, your mobile devices may be at risk as well. Fortunately, there are a number of antivirus programs designed just for your tablets and smartphones. In addition to updating your antivirus programs, you should also update your device’s operating system to close potential security holes.

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