Wild and Crazy Chargers

cell phone chargersFor many people, a cell phone is more than an accessory; rather it’s a necessity to everyday life.  However, these devices can run out of battery and you may not always be in an opportune location where access to a charger or an outlet is readily available…say, camping in the wilderness. Fortunately, today’s technology wizards have invented handy cell phone chargers that help guarantee your cell phone sustains full charge at all times. Although a bit unusual, these ingenious chargers could certainly come in handy.

Power Pocket Cell Phone Chargers

camping with cell phoneTaking a hiking trip in the mountains? Spending the weekend in a tent on the beach? Adventures like these often mean a bit of escape from reality, particularly from access to electricity. But these days, most people can’t last that long without their cell phone. So, to make sure you have a fully functional phone no matter where your adventure takes you, the power pocket has been created. With its unique thermocouple technology, the Power Pocket uses thermoelectric material to charge your valuable devices. Basically, the varying temperatures of the material, combined with body heat, create voltage and current, making electrical power. The Power Pocket charger can be sown on a sleeping bag so you can slumber beneath the trees while knowing you will wake up to a fully charged phone. If instead you plan on trekking through the woods and require full charge at all times, the manufacturer also adds the charging pocket to clothing.

The Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers

hiking with cell phoneWant to kill two birds with one stone – why not get some exercise while charging your cell phone? To get an arm workout while charging your cell phone, purchase a hand-cranking device. The unit is connected to a backup battery that receives its power from the power you generate with your cranking abilities. If you crank the device for one minute, then you will produce enough power to send several text messages or make a quick phone call. Maybe not the most efficient charging device out there, this is definitely one you should consider adding to your emergency car kit.

Wind and Solar Cell Phone Chargers

One of today’s craziest charging technologies features a bicycle helmet that stores the wind and solar energy that you accumulate while riding a bike. The helmet possesses a small fan to collect the wind’s energy as well as solar cells to acquire energy from the sun. According to the developers, a 40-minute bicycle ride produces enough power to fully charge your cell phone.

Foot Pump Chargers

The foot pump charger is similar to the hand crank unit as it requires physical effort to create energy. The unit features a turbine that develops electricity from the airflow produced by the pumping action. The item is especially handy for outdoor excursions, such as camping, because it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Fuel Cell Phone Chargers

A fuel cell charger is a small, portable unit that you can take with you for cell phone charging emergencies. The device needs a fuel cell and one spoonful of water to develop power. Specifically, the source uses an advanced electro-chemical process to function. The charger also stores power. This innovative charger is another great option to have in case of emergencies.

With one of these nontraditional cell phone chargers, you can avoid the inconvenience of a dead cell phone battery, no matter where you are. Furthermore, many of the unique options are environmentally friendly while some can even help you improve your health.

Why I Have More Than 1 Sony Ericsson Wall Charger

There was once a time when I only had one Sony Ericsson wall charger. Like most people, I kept my Sony Ericsson wall charger at home and charged my phone at night while I was recharging myself. The whole system was working perfectly until I started to have to travel for my job. It was getting harder and harder to pack for the road. I often had to leave with just a days notice, which is quite stressful on top of the million and one other things I had to get done.

So there were quite a few times, I thought I had everything packed. I got to my hotel, dying cell phone in hand, and rummaged through my bag trying to find my Sony Ericsson wall charger. After dumping out the contents of my bag, I realize that my charger is still plugged into the wall in my bedroom.

As a means to keep this major inconvenience from ever happening again, I went to All4Cellular.com and bought 2 more chargers. One for the office, and one that stays packed up in my suitcase. Unless I leave it at the hotel , of course.

Don’t Be a Danger to Yourself and Others — Get a Wireless Bluetooth Headset

State-by-state, this nation is bearing down more and more on drivers who use their cell phones while behind the wheel. More than half of the 50 states have illegalized texting while driving, and California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington all ban talking on cellphones while driving. Maryland is the latest state to join the talking law, and people have been flocking to electronics stores to buy wireless bluetooth headsets, so they’ll be prepared for the ban, which goes into effect Friday.

If that’s what kind of phone you have, you should invest in some newer technology anyway.

Whether or not your state has installed a cellphone/driving ban, you should invest in a wireless bluetooth headset. If you absolutely need to make or receive calls while you drive, it’s the safest way to do so. Talking on the phone behind the wheel might not pose any legal repercussions for you, but you could get into an awful accident if your full focus isn’t on the road. All4Cellular has great deals on dozens bluetooth phone headsets and other cellular accessories — you’ll be sure to find something to your liking.

Note: Please remember, this Thursday and Friday All4Cellular’s office will be closed, in observance of Jewish holidays. Any orders placed on those days will be shipped on the following business day.

Cellular Accessories Blues

I hate it when I forget my cell phone charger at home when I’m traveling. I guess sometimes I’ve become so accustomed to the mobility and convenience of cell phones, that I forget that they eventually have to be plugged in at some point. When I went out of town last weekend, my husband and I did the unthinkable. Both of us forgot our cell phone chargers. At a total loss as to what we’d do, we surprisingly came across an electronics charging kiosk in a local department store. Smartphones, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, you name it, that kiosk charged it. The things they come up with these days are crazy, but useful for forgetful minded people like myself.

Kiosks that sell cellular accessories are everywhere, but this cell phone charging kiosk took things to a new level. My husband and I promptly plugged in our dying cell phones and just for kicks, my youngest plugged in his portable video game player and charged it as well. The only drawback is standing beside your electronic valuables while they charged. After we all happily left fully recharged, I realized that I also forgot my Bluetooth headset charger. When will this end? Maybe I should just consider getting better at packing.

The Streak Combines a Tablet With Cellphone Accessories

When the iPad came out earlier this year, it shook things up a bit: this is where personal computing is headed, it told us. A new device, the Dell Streak, is taking things even further.

The Streak is a tablet with calling capabilities. And while it looks kind of goofy held up to your ear, at 6 inches long and 3.11 inches wide, it makes up for it with its cellular accessories. Running on Google’s Android operating system, it has a 5 inch display screen, considerably larger than the iPhone’s 3.5 inches. It is an e-reader, although it doesn’t quite measure up to the Kindle, it plays videos and music, although its speakers aren’t Bose-quality, and video calling isn’t standard, although it does have a camera. It’s battery life is good, easily lasting a day, so you won’t need cell phone chargers for it.

It’s only available online at Dell’s website and is priced near the iPad at $550 when you sign up without a service contract. AT&T is the only service provider that works with it, and when you sign up for a 2 year contract, the Streak is $300.

It’s important to note that this is a tablet with all of the cellphone accessories you could desire. While there are still some kinks to be worked out, it’s a large step for cell phones.

Blackberry and its Cellular Accessories Banned from UAE

Beginning October 11th, BlackBerrys data transfers will be banned from the United Arab Emirates. After failing to reach an agreement with Research in Motion, the UAE takes issue with data “exported  off-shore, where it is managed by a foreign, commercial organization.” The iPhone is not tied to one specific e-mail service. That makes it easier to track, and acceptable to the UAE authorities.

Where the server is located plays into how fast pages load and censorship restrictions. Countries have two ways of censoring data. The first involves claims on servers within the country’s boundaries. The second relies on the chokepoints where information enters the country. For data that is neither in country or readable, the UAE has a problem. Last year they began monitoring cafes for this data, looking for Skype and blocking access to social networking sites, non Islam sites, porn, terrorism, gambling, and sites from Israel’s top domain.

The result is a lack of cellular accessories. Cell phone chargers will be seeing a lot less use as people have to resort to, ugh, calling and texting. Maybe Emirates will switch to iPhones and choose cellular accessories from Apple. It’s too soon to tell, but concerns about monitoring information have grand repurcussions -via government vs. corporation and people vs. government.

What a Jailbroken iPhone Means for You

Cellular accessories just became a little bit more accessible. Last week, the Library of Congress legalized bypassing a phone’s software controls. The result: jailbreaking your iPhone is now legal. Jailbreaking is when you technically bypass your phone software in order to be able to play 3rd party programs.

Apple is not happy. They say that this is encouraging the pirating of their phones , and that it infringes on the copyright of their software, and that it is taking to their service department as well.

Be warned that if you decide to jailbreak your phone to get more cellular accessories, your appliances will no longer be under warranty.  The range functions of jailbreaking cell phone accessories go from tethering to a computer’s internet connection (which users are supposed to pay AT&T an extra $20 per month for) to playing old school games like Mario Bros. and Zelda.

Now that the iPhone stranglehold is loosened, users are free to develop and create whatever they want for the phone. Mark one against the Man! This is typical of the 21st century, it allows for the little guy to use his own knowledge to fight against the big corporations. Forums continue to sprout on the internet, making me think about going out and getting one myself.

3 Reasons You Should Be Shopping At All4Cellular.com

We here at All4cellular.com will be the first to admit that there are a lot of stores who sell cellular accessories, but as you can imagine, few,  if any, are on the scale of All4Cellular.com. There are a lot of reasons why you should shop with us instead of those inferior online shops, and here are three of the most pressing reasons.

1)      Our site is easy to shop. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to locate a specific item, like, let’s say, a Sony Ericsson wall charger, only to have to sort through pages and pages of unrelated items.

2)      With All4Cellular.com, saving are EVERYWHERE. In addition to our competitive prices on the items you need, we offer incredible shipping deals as well. Any order has $2.00 shipping and if your shopping cart has 5 items or more, you get free shipping!

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The Sleeker, More Stylish Bluetooth Phone Headset

Cell phones and cellular accessories are constantly in the works of being enhanced and upgraded, and arguably one of the most exciting areas to get upgraded are wireless Bluetooth headsets. Hands-free technology has come a long way since it’s early days and it seems like the newer models keep looking better with every redesign. One brand of Bluetooth wireless  headsets that continues to push the envelope in terms of innovativeness, is Jawbone.

Specifically, the Jawbone Icon, really is indicative of the company’s keen understanding of the needs of a wireless Bluetooth headset user. The Icon Ace, available at All4Cellular.com is the smallest, most comfortable and most non-traditional Bluetooth headset out to date. Aesthetically, it’s designed to look more like a piece of jewelry than a cell phone accessory. It also features Jawbones NoiseAssassin is patented technology that eliminated background noises from mobile phone conversations by feeling your speech with a Voice Activity Sensor.  The Icon has up to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 10 days of stand-by time and a quick battery check on your iPhone.

The best part is, the ICON Ace is available for a cool $71.95 as opposed to the standard retail price of $99.95, only at All4Cellular.com!

Cellphone Accessories You Can’t Afford to Go Without: Smartphone Insurance Plans

It’s no secret that cell phones are pretty expensive. Especially if you decide to purchase a smart phone. These high-powered little machines have become more than just a purchase, they’re a downright investment. So when you’re standing in line at the crowded cell phone store, dying to get out of there, and the clerk who is ringing you up asks covertly, “Who you like to add on insurance?”, what should you say?

Well, it honestly depends on the type of phone you have, how much you spent on it, and what your history with cell phones is. Sue Macomber, telecom specialist for the Utility Consumers’ Action Network, said in an MSNBC article, “It may be well worth it to spend the money for a phone that costs between $200 and $500”. Especially if the monthly payments are low: many are anywhere between $5-$10 a month, with a deductable that is less than half of the purchasing price.

All in all, you should think of smartphone insurance plans as cellphone accessories. Much like other cellphone accessories (i.e. cases, covers, skins, etc.) it’s designed to protect your phone and keep it looking and functioning, like new.