Have a Safe Halloween with a Little Help from Your Smartphone

Halloween is only a few days away and we know there are probably quite a few parents halloween pumpkinwho will be reluctantly sending off their children to go trick-or-treating without parental supervision. Although it will be hard to completely rid yourself of that innate worry that comes with being a parent, smartphones offer a variety of apps that will make the whole night a bit more tolerable.
If your child owns a smartphone or you are willing to loan one to them for the night, you will be able to take comfort that they possess a powerful tool that will allow you to give your child more freedom while simultaneously maintaining some knowledge of your child’s safety. teens on halloween

By simply browsing through the app store you will come across multiple choices to aid you throughout the Halloween night. However, some of the best features you may want to look for include:

* GPS tracking – check your child’s location from your smartphone or computer
* Location button – instantly send your location to your child or check your child’s location in real time
* GeoFences – set up safe zones for your child and receive alerts when they leave those zoneshalloween sign
* Battery check – check your child’s phone remotely to see if they are running low on battery

To guarantee a safe and fun Halloween for your children, we recommend the following three top apps

Family by Sygic (iOS and Android)

This is one of the more diverse smartphone tracking apps, helping to keep your family connected well beyond Halloween. The program is downloaded into every cell phone used by your family members and provides basic tracking on all phones, free messaging between phones, and programmable alerts between phones.

One of the more unique features is the ability to receive notification when your child arrives at or leaves a specific location. GeoFence allows you to program in a safe zone in which your child must remain. This feature is excellent for Halloween because you will receive instant notification if your child wanders off the approved route. If you ever need to know where your child is, they can send you their location or you can check their location by the touch of a button.

Life360 (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

This app offers many of the same features as Family by Sygic, but the maps may not be as detailed or up to date when you download the free version. You can upgrade to the premium version which offers unlimited location checks, enhanced history checks, and protection from phone theft. If you ever wonder where your child has been, the history database will deliver that information.

Find My Kids – Footprints (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

This app offers a free alternative to the paid options available. These features include real-time location checks, location history records, and GeoFences. One unique feature for this app is the motion sensor. You can set the phone to notify you whenever your child is in motion. Again, not only will this be useful on Halloween, but it could come in handy any time you deem it necessary to keep tabs on your child’s location.

As the saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Extinguish your anxiety this Halloween, download a safety app, and allow you and your kids to enjoy the holiday.

Revive your Smartphone with These 5 Tips

If it seems like your smartphone isn’t performing as optimally as it once did, you’re probably not just imagining things. A smartphone is basically a very compact computer. Like laptops and desktop computers, smartphones can get bogged down over time. In turn, they start performing less and less efficiently. Even if your device is still performing well enough, it just may not give you the thrill that it once did. By periodically performing a little smartphone cleanup maintenance, you can keep your iPhone or other smartphone operating well and looking like new.

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Apps in smartphone

Are you an app hoarder? You’re not alone. Many people download new apps without giving the matter a second thought. Most apps are small, and the amount of space they take up is negligible. When you have dozens of small apps, however, the hard drive on your device can fill up quickly. A great idea is to have one screen that’s dedicated to apps you use all the time. Put the rest on subsequent screens. From time to time, methodically go through the apps on those pages. For each one, ask yourself whether you actually use it or not. You can always reinstall it if you decide later on that you need it.

2. Save Battery Life by Adjusting Your Settings

If it seems like the battery on your smartphone drains too quickly, push notifications may be a main culprit. When you install a new app, it asks whether you’d like to receive these notifications. The default setting automatically allows them, so it’s easy to end up having tons of push notifications enabled. Go through and restrict push notifications to just a few essential apps. Turning off location services will also go a long way toward conserving battery life.

3. Clean the Outside of Your PhoneCell phone cleaning

Just as it’s smart to do spring cleaning on the inside of your phone; you should occasionally clean the outside of it too. Mix a little water with some glass cleaner and remove the phone from its case. Gently wipe down your entire phone; take care not to allow it to get too wet. Clean the case thoroughly too before replacing it.

4. Watch Out for Data-Sucking Apps

Just because an app doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on your device itself doesn’t mean it’s not hogging a lot of resources. Photo apps are especially notorious for this. Many of them store duplicates of photos that are also kept in your phone’s memory. For instance, photos that you take with one of these apps are stored in the app itself and in your photo stream. You’re hit with a double whammy, and your phone operates less effectively because of it.

Smartphone construction5. Update Your Sync Settings

Devices like the iPhone automatically sync information from calendars, contacts and other utilities. However, you may use different apps to handle those things, so you could be inadvertently syncing things that you really don’t need. This activity drains battery life and sucks up processing power, so your smartphone may operate less effectively. A great smartphone cleanup step is to go through and uncheck all of the things that don’t need to be synced automatically. You may be surprised by how many there are!

The Top 5 Most Annoying things People do on their Cell Phones

With the recent post on nomophobia, it got me thinking, people actually have become addicted to their phones…and sometimes it can be pretty annoying! The advent of smartphones has led to unparalleled connectivity and productivity, but the introduction of these devices has also created new opportunities for people to get on each other’s nerves. Thoughtless smartphone users, oblivious to anything but their phone, offer unwanted glimpses of their personal lives to those around them. Persistent users can easily make their friends and strangers alike feel ignored, unimportant and intruded upon by engaging in some on frowned upon cellphone tactics. So, for your own sake, and more importantly those around you, make sure you don’t participate in these top 5 cellphone don’ts.

Phone while golfingIgnoring Friends and Family

Smartphones can be distracting and addicting; they offer a world of information and entertainment at your fingertips, which can be a good and, at times, bad thing. Some people can’t resist the allure of escape that smartphones offer, even when they are in the presence of others. If you can’t pull yourself away from your smartphone, there’s a good chance your guests will feel ignored and unimportant as you disregard others and solely interact with the inanimate object in the palm of your hand. This is one of the worst cell phone don’ts because it gives off the impression that those around you are less important to you than your phone.

Using Your Smartphone While You Walk

Walking can be a long and boring task, and many people can’t resist the urge to pass the time by playing a game or browsing the Internet on their smartphone. However, using your phone while you walk is both dangerous and rude. While you’re using your phone, your awareness is focused on your device; you can’t react to events around you effectively. In addition, when your eyes are glued to your phone, you force everyone around you to assume responsibility for your safety. If you find yourself constantly walking into people or tripping on your own feet, maybe it’s time to put the phone down while traveling by foot and keep its use preserved for your destination (I would like to add here that using your phone while driving is ALWAYS a don’t).

Not Turning Off Your Phone in the TheaterPhone in theater

Cellphone use at the movies has become so widely frowned upon that most theaters provide guests with an explicit reminder to turn off their phones for the duration of the movie. When you talk on your phone during a movie, you obscure the dialog and pull your fellow moviegoers away from the cinematic experience and into your own private life. Even if you’re only browsing the Internet on your smartphone, the glow from your phone can be distracting for your neighbors. If you absolutely must use your phone, excuse yourself to the lobby.

Talking on the Phone While in Line

When you talk loudly while in waiting in line, you are more than likely annoying those around you. Believe it or not, most people don’t actually want to hear all of the intimate details of your life. When they’re stuck in line with you, they can’t easily move out of earshot without losing their place in line. You compound the problem when you continue your conversation as you reach the head of the line. Focus on the task at hand, complete your purchase and then use your phone. Don’t make the cashier or sales person try and guess if you are speaking to them or the person at the other end of the phone. Not only is this rude, but you’re more likely to mess up your order or purchase if you’re not paying full attention.

bluetooth in publicTalking Loudly on a Bluetooth Device in Public

Bluetooth headsets are wonderful devices, but they hold massive potential to annoy people around you. For reasons unknown, many users develop a tendency to speak very loudly while using their Bluetooth headset. The combination of this loud speaking and the small form factor of many Bluetooth headsets can lead to annoyance and awkward situations; a passersby often can’t tell that you’re speaking on a Bluetooth headset, causing confusion as they mistakenly assume that you’re talking to them.


Don’t get me wrong, cellphones are absolutely amazing devices. They have made life easier in so many ways; it’s hard to imagine a world without them. However, it is important to remember that the real world exists outside of your cellphone and it is imperative to be aware of your surroundings. By all means, enjoy all the great features your cellphone has to offer, but keep in mind these few bothersome actions to avoid and you can do so without annoying anyone!

Top 5 Games for your Smartphone

Smartphones offer plenty of useful tools for users, including the ability to take notes or participate in live video chats with family members. For some users, however, smartphones are the perfect way to play games while waiting for the bus or walking between classes. From “Candy Crush Saga” to “Temple Run,” these smartphone games have entertained millions of mobile users and remain some of the top downloaded games for your smartphone.

Tablet gamesCandy Crush Saga

“Candy Crush Saga” starts as a deceptively easy match-three game. To advance through the game’s many levels, players need to match colorful candy pieces to clear the board. As players progress through the game, new challenges are presented. For example, some levels can only be passed if a player scores enough points in a certain time limit. Other levels constrict players to a limited number of attempts; once these attempts are exhausted, players must wait before they can attempt new levels again. Alternately, players can buy additional attempts or ask their friends on Facebook for spare attempts.

Words with Friends

“Words with Friends” is a turn-based word game that players can enjoy with their friends. After starting a match, players take turns building words, similar to the Scrabble board game. Each player begins the game with seven letter tiles to build words. As the game progresses, each player’s tiles will replenish until all 104 tiles have been used. “Words with Friends” is an excellent game for smartphones because players don’t need a large screen to see the board. In addition, the game’s turn-based style allows users to play the game at their own pace. An equally popular game is the sister game, “Hanging with Friends.” A similar turn-based word game, this fun app provides players to engage in hangman through their smartphone.

Angry Birdssmartphone gaming

The simple game style and comical graphics of “Angry Birds” have helped it become a favorite among smartphone users. Each level requires players to smash a number of animated pigs with an army of angry bird projectiles. At the beginning of the game, the player can use the basic slingshot ability to shoot birds at the pigs. On advanced levels, players gain access to birds with special features. The blue bird, for example, can split into three smaller copies of itself. Due to the game’s popularity, the creators have released a number of new special editions, including “Angry Birds Rio” and “Angry Birds Star Wars.”

Plants vs. Zombies

With the rising popularity of zombie-themed television shows and movies, zombies have become a huge part of popular culture. In “Plants vs. Zombies,” players must use plants to protect their home from waves of zombies. For example, the sunflower unit helps players buy new plants by providing solar power. Some zombies have special abilities, such as defensive shields or pogo sticks, that make them more difficult to eliminate. Players must make strategic decisions to ensure that they pick the best plants to meet the challenges of the later levels.

smartphone gameTemple Run

“Temple Run” is an endless running game that puts players in the shoes of an explorer escaping from a band of monkeys. Players must swipe across the screen to change the direction of the explorer. Players must also use their fingers to jump over dangers and slide under obstacles. Throughout the game, players can collect coins to purchase special items to make the game easier. The game’s simple controls have made it one of the most popular smartphone games available today.

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Cell Phone for your Child

As HealthyChildren.org puts it, “there really is no ‘right’ age to allow our kids to dip a toe into the digital pond.” Each child and family is different and in every case, only the parents can make the ultimate decision when that “right” time may be. Before you can determine if your child is ready for the responsibility of a phone, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Here are five questions to ask yourself before you commit to purchasing a phone for your child.

Why does your child need a phone?

ids playing with cell phoneThe main question you should ask yourself is: what are the main reasons your child needs a phone. Is it for their benefit or yours? Would it be used solely for keeping in touch with parents or for use in emergencies, or would it be for a combination of communication and entertainment? If only to be used as a safety precaution, you could consider a prepaid phone with limited capabilities. If you think your child needs the phone to provide entertainment value, smartphones are a better option and they also have multiple apps that provide parental control resources. Evaluate the benefits that a phone could offer to not only your child, but to you as parents, against any of the concerns that come associated with phone ownership; and see what seems to weigh heavier.

Is our child responsible enough?

Age is not necessarily the best measurement of maturity levels as many of us know. Everyone grows at their own rate and if you believe that your child is mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with a cell phone, than only you can make that judgment. Keep in mind that you will probably be setting rules and guidelines that your child should follow, such as data usage, screen time and acceptable contacts; so it is important to consider if you believe your child is mature enough to actually respect and follow your designated restrictions.

How will this help your family?

For families juggling school, sports, extra-curricular studies and parent work schedules,kids on cell phone staying in touch is often a problem. This could very well be confronted by purchasing your child a cell phone, but there are other thinks to keep in mind before jumping to this quick decision. Will purchasing one child a phone create drama with other siblings? Or maybe you will decide to put every child on a family plan to create ease of communication between everyone. Will having a phone put you, as parents, more at ease, being able to contact your child at any moment? Or will it add more worry, knowing that they have constant access to the outside world. Obviously every family runs differently, but it is essential to really reflect on if this purchase will benefit your family as a whole or will it create strain and constant concern?

What type of cell phone should you get?

As mentioned earlier, deciding what exactly your child needs a phone for will help determine what type of cell phone will best supplement those needs. If the phone will be used primarily for texting, a standard flip phone could suffice. If you would rather provide them with an all-in-one device, combining their music, internet access and communication abilities, going the smartphone route would be more suitable. Set a budget on what you are willing to spend and figure out which features are most important for your child to have access to.

What rules can and will you apply?

cell phone parentingOne of the most imperative aspects of purchasing a cell phone for your child is deciding what rules you should or will apply. Whatever ground rules you deem necessary need to be laid out before a purchase is made. Things to consider include restrictions on call time, who can be called, what hours are appropriate for use and awareness of overuse fees. Smartphones that allow internet access and app downloads further impact rules that will need to be set for your child. Of course, there are multiple parental control apps that can be installed, however be aware that children are extremely technically savvy these days and may be able to get passed any limitations you establish.

You could consider creating a “contract” for your child to sign, so they can see in writing the rules and penalties that come along with the responsibility of owning a phone. This will add a sense of accountability and hopefully generate a feeling of maturity in your child that will lead to proper cell phone use.  However, as with most things, it is important to follow through with any repercussions you have presented with cell phone misuse to ensure that your child knows that an unacceptable action will not be tolerated.

Purchasing a cell phone for children can make life easier for busy parents, but make sure that children know that the privileges comes with strings attached.

Nomophobia: Is it real?

I love my phone

According to a study commissioned by the UK Post Office, 53% of people experience significant anxiety when faced with the possibility of losing their cell phone, losing network access, or simply running out of battery power. This 21st century angst is known as nomophobia. Considering the popularity of cell phones worldwide, nomophobia is indeed becoming a common concern in countries with strong mobile-device cultures. The British study involved 2,163 cell phone users, and its results reveal some interesting trends in human-phone relationships.

Men vs. women

cell phone use on dateAccording to the British study, nomophobia is more common in men than in women. Fifty-eight percent of men and 48% of women reported significant anxiety when they did not have access to their cell phones. Women look at their phones more often than men while on dates, and smartphone users of both sexes check their phones between 30 and 40 times per day, on average.

Generation gap

Differences in cell phone use and dependence don’t end with men and women. Eighty-four percent of millennials take their cell phones to bed with them, compared to 65% of adults over 30. The majority of cell phone users born after 1980 report that checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do before sleep, and two out of five from this group agreed with the statement “I would feel like a part of me was missing” in regard to losing a cell phone.

Do I have nomophobia?

Sleeping with cell phone
Anyone who has ever found themselves scouring their apartment for their cell phone while holding—or worse, talking on—their cell phone, can definitely relate to the madness now known as nomophobia. The level of anxiety that it causes is rated comparable to “a trip to the dentist, or wedding-day jitters,” according to the British postal study. If you lose count of the number of times you check your phone per day, feel awkward in social situations without it, or generally use your phone as a security blanket to ease tension, you may be at risk for nomophobia.

Luckily, nomophobia is not a completely debilitating condition and many have been able to overcome or live with it. If you feel worried about a possible too-close-for-comfort relationship with a mobile device, taking a break may be helpful. Set aside an amount of time every day, even just 30 minutes, to not check your phone. When this feels comfortable, maybe consider leaving your phone in your bag when you’re out with friends or having dinner with your family.

As mobile devices become a bigger part of our everyday experience, it’s natural to feel dependent on them. Breaking through that feeling of dependence and going phone free for just a little bit each day can prepare you to cope with a phone disaster, and it might open your eyes to some interesting things going on away from your phone’s screen, too.

The Smartphone: The All-in-One Remote Control

Most people know that smartphones (and tablets) can be used to navigate the Web, play games, visit remote controlsocial networks and keep track of tasks, but these devices seem to be getting even smarter. You can now use your phone to manage various aspects of your house from anywhere in the world. Hundreds of applications are available to take the stress out of being a homeowner. With very little effort, you can remotely control and monitor virtually an entire house.

Keep Your Home Secure

There is an assortment of downloadable smartphone apps that maximize your home’s security. Through your mobile device, you can program a complete security system and receive notifications if anything unusual occurs. You can also connect a live-footage motion surveillance system to your phone. If there is movement in or around your house, a motion-activated camera will turn on and you will be alerted on your phone.

Upgrade Your Locking System

smartphone lockIn addition to utilizing your smartphone as a handheld home security panel, you can also use it as a house key. Unlike with traditional locking systems, you never have to worry about anyone making copies of your keys or picking your locks. With a smart-key application, you can authorize temporary electronic access to whomever you wish. You will also be able to view which doors are open or unlocked no matter where you are.

Control the Lighting

Saving money as a homeowner typically requires being stingy with the electricity. You may turn some of the lights down at night to conserve energy, or you may shut them all off completely while you’re away. But we have all had those days where you leave the house in a rush and you just can’t seem to remember if you flipped the switch before you jetted out the door. Some smartphone apps offer the perfect solution to this problem and allow you to turn on, off, or even dim lights throughout your day, no matter where you are. This is also a great app to have while you and your family may be away vacationing. By turning lights on and off randomly throughout your time away, you can deter and potential break ins as it will seem as though people are in the house.

Manage Temperatures

Another way to conserve energy with your smartphone is to download a smart thermostat remote home controlapplication. Thermostats with Wi-Fi capabilities can be controlled at any time and from anywhere. Switch to more cost-efficient temperatures while you’re away from your house, and bring the climate back to a comfortable level right before you arrive home. Some apps automatically make adjustments after learning the schedule.

Program Your Appliances

A variety of appliances can be programmed through a smartphone. You can set your stereo to play your favorite music when you come home, or you can schedule your coffeemaker to dispense your morning fuel before you even get out of bed. Whether you need clean dishes or a warm meal, you’ll likely find an application that will free your mind of its cluttered to-do list. There are even apps that allow you to remotely dispense food for your pets.

Many popular phone apps can be utilized with smart outlets as well, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to home management. You can easily transform nearly any plug-in appliance or device into a smart gadget if you have the right application. No matter how you choose to control, monitor or manage your home surroundings, your smartphone is the key to hassle-free and worry-free living.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Speaker

Speakers can have a huge impact in the enjoyment of listening to music or watching TV. Purchasing the right speaker system is a task that is often overlooked and not properly considered. With careful thought and research, buying the perfect speaker can be a great investment as it will allow you to enjoy the audio aspects of your entertainment to its full extent. Here are a few key things to keep in mind while determining which speaker system is right for you.

home theaterAssessing your Space – The Layout

The space in which the speakers will be placed plays a major role in the decision-making process. There are several aspects of this alotted space that should be thoroughly assessed before you even start shopping for your system.

The size of the room will impact sound quality in a big way. A larger unit may be needed for bigger rooms, to make sure the sound is projected throughout. This may be especially so if you have an open floor plan and you would like sound to travel from room to room. If you are not working with an open floor plan you should take notice of the layout of the room. You may need to purchase smaller speakers to place around barriers in order to have sound equally distributed throughout the room.

Assessing your Space – The Materials

Materials used in the construction of walls and floors can affect the quality of sound as well. Popular modern materials like tile, concrete and hardwood may cause sound to echo in a room. Curtains, rugs and other soft material act as sound absorbents. Acknowledge the different materials in your room and determine how they may affect the sound penetrating from the speaker. Rooms that are carpeted and have large windows with curtains may mute the sound too much. Larger speakers may be necessary, or it may even be better for you to pick a different room for an ideal listening experience.

Choosing your Stylecolorful room with speakers

Depending on your sense of style, the design of a speaker system may or may not have a large effect on your decision, but may be something to keep in mind. There are many different varieties available that make it easy to find something suitable to match the decor and style of your room. If you are looking to install a portable speaker system, there are multiple options available that range in color, texture, size and theme.

Try it Out before Committing

Buying speakers for your home is likely to be a major purchase. The shape of a room, the materials making up the surroundings and different features of the individual speaker system all affect the quality of sound that will be produced in your specific environment. That being said, it is very difficult to know exactly how a speaker system will work in your room until you try it out. This is why it is important to be sure to find a merchant who offers a generous return policy in order to avoid committing to a system without trying it out first.

The Audition

When trying to decide if the speaker system you have chosen is a good fit for your room, there are a few things you should look for. Start by looking the unit over to make sure that it is solid and made of high-quality materials, with no faulty pieces or damages, and everything is working properly.

modern speakersThe next step is to hook the system up to the audio source. Pick the audio source that you will be using as the main outlet for the speakers to get a taste of what your experience will be like with this system. If something does not seem right, try moving the system around to other areas of the room. If the sound still seems off, you may have to go with a different system. Take note of what doesn’t seem to fit and bring these thoughts to your seller as they may be able to provide advice of something that would be a better match.

Enjoying the audio from your favorite album or the latest TV series to its maximum capacity is a matter of choosing the right speaker for your needs. Assess the reason that you are making the purchase and the space that you have for the unit before making a purchase. Be sure to test drive the unit soon after purchase in case you need to return it for a different model. Once you have picked that perfect system, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Despite your best efforts, mishaps happen, cell phones get wet. Whether you’ve dropped it in a sink full of water, spilled your tall glass of lemonade all over it, or have been pushed in a pool (very funny, guys), your first instinct may be to panic. Resist that urge and immediately follow these tips instead, they could potentially save your phone from no return. By knowing what to do, you may be able to avoid the worst kinds of cell phone water damage and salvage your phone completely.

Phone splashingAct Quickly

No matter what you try to do to save your cell phone, do it quickly. The longer it stays wet, the likelier it is to be damaged beyond repair. This is precisely why it pays to know what to do before you encounter this problem. If you have to research tips when it’s already wet, you won’t be able to act very quickly, so pay attention!

Remove Battery

Immediately begin drying the phone with a cloth or paper towel. Take additional cloths or paper towels and lay the phone on them. Don’t move the cell phone around too much because doing so could make the water get in even more deeply. In an effort to avoid cell phone water damage, you may be tempted to take apart your device. This is a good way to destroy it completely. Remove the cover and any peripherals, and make sure to remove the battery as many circuits inside the phone can survive water damage as long as they are not attached to a power source. Be sure to also remove the SIM card if your phone has one. This card is where most of your valuable data, such as contacts and pictures, are stored, in which case may be more worthy of saving than the phone. Beyond that, though, don’t try to open up the phone or otherwise take it apart.

Use a Vacuum CleanerWet Cell Phone

Removing moisture from the exterior of a cell phone is simple enough. What you really need to worry about is the moisture that’s trapped inside it. A great way to remove a lot of it is by using a vacuum cleaner. You should try to vacuum your phone for about 20 minutes. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner or shop vac is preferable, but a standard one will do in a pinch. It is vital that you do not use a hair dryer to try and dry out your phone, a mistake made all too frequently. Because blow dryers blow out air, instead of sucking it in like a vacuum cleaner, it could potentially force moisture further into your phone. The heat from the hot air of the blow dryer could also pose damaging effects to your phones electrical components.

Try Desiccants

A desiccant is a material that absorbs water readily. The easiest one to come by at the drop of a hat is rice. Fill a bowl or bag with rice and bury your cell phone into it. The silica gel packets that often come in shoe boxes and other items may be used too. Craft stores sell desiccants for drying out flowers that can be used to absorb the moisture from your phone. As a common rule of thumb, you should leave your phone submerged in these items for at least overnight.

cell phone in poolDon’t Assume You can Use the Warranty

Many people don’t realize that water damage is not covered in their warranty and won’t actively try and recover their phone after it has become wet. Unless you are positive you have purchased extra warranty to cover this situation, be prepared to take all steps necessary to save your phone after getting wet.

As a preemptive measure, you might consider keeping a wet cell phone emergency kit handy. There are also waterproof cases for those of you prone to accidents. In any event, cell phone water damage doesn’t have to mean the death of your device, so next time your phone takes that frightful plunge into the water, keep these tips in mind.