Top Five Holiday Gift Ideas for 2013

It isn’t difficult to find hot holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list this year. The 2013 electronics market is booming with many new game consoles, tablets and cell phones ready to hit the market just in time for the holidays. Before you go the easy route and just hand out gift cards or cash, consider some of these top gift ideas for 2013 (although who wouldn’t love some extra money to spend at!?)

H20 Vibe Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

waterproof stereo

This is the perfect gift for the music lovers on your list, but it is also a great idea for anyone who is overworked and in need of serious rest and relaxation. The stylish speaker unit can hang or sit anywhere in a shower stall or bathtub and will stream music or audio files from any electronic device with Bluetooth capability. If the speaker is synced with a cell phone, you can even answer phone calls and talk while you shower or relax in the bathtub.

Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

car speakerphoneDo you have someone on your holiday gift list who loves to talk while they drive? That is a dangerous habit that causes many car accidents everyday, so do your loved one and other drivers a favor by giving them a safe alternative. A Bluetooth in-car speakerphone will allow them to connect to their cell phone and make calls without holding the phone to their ear. They simple speak out loud while keeping their hands safely on the steering wheel.

Wireless Media Boxes

media box

Many people have theater systems installed in their homes today, but not everyone has gone wireless. Wireless media boxes eliminate all of the wires and remotes that create tangled messes and confusion. All media is streamed through a wireless connection, and watching television and movies at home becomes far more enjoyable. If someone on your gift list is caught in the mess of home theater wires, find a wireless media box compatible with their television set and untangle them for 2014.

Flip Headphones/Speakers

white flip audio headphonesAll of the music lovers on your list will enjoy these unique headphones that double as portable speakers. They plug into most standard electronic devices with a 3.5mm jack. When turned in to cover the ears, they offer high-quality sound as headphones. When flipped out away from the ears, they broadcast that high-quality sound so others can enjoy the tunes as well.


yota phoneDo you have any book lovers on your holiday list? If so, give them a cell phone that doubles as an e-reader. It looks like a standard touchscreen cell phone on one side, but when you flip it over a monochromatic e-ink screen is revealed. One screen is for making calls, sending texts, and taking pictures. The other is for reading electronic files.

These holiday gift ideas are far more exciting than gift cards. Get creative, and give everyone you care about something to remember this year.

Featured Product of the Month: The Sony Foldable P Tablet

Sony Foldable TabletOur featured product for November is a sophisticated pocket computer that folds like a book. The Sony Foldable P Tablet offers four gigabytes of storage space, an integrated five-megapixel camera and two 5.5-inch screens. Thanks to its Android operating system, this model runs a tremendous variety of apps.

You can use the Sony Foldable P Tablet to watch videos, play computer games or listen to music. It also has a number of practical uses. This device provides access to travel directions, weather forecasts, news headlines and other data. Android apps and mobile websites make this possible. The computer also lets you check your email on the go.

Sony Foldable TabletTwo displays

If you aren’t familiar with this model, you probably wonder how it uses two screens. Most of the bundled software treats each screen as a separate “window” that performs a distinct task. Programmers design standard mobile apps for a single screen, so you can choose to view them on one display or use the split-screen mode.

The Sony Foldable P Tablet boasts a combined video resolution of 2,048 by 960 pixels. This device’s high-resolution screens and Sony TruBlack technology enable it to produce very sharp images. TruBlack screens minimize glare and enhance contrast, according to Sony’s website. You may also use a high-definition TV as an external monitor.

Sony Foldable TabletCapabilities

This pocket computer weighs under a pound, but it may offer more computing power than your desktop PC. It features one gigabyte of memory, an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sony Foldable P Tablet can also use 4G cellular networks to communicate. MicroUSB and SD ports allow users to connect an assortment of add-ons.

Many useful accessories are available for this hand-held device. Memory cards let you save additional data and download more apps. Various chargers use a range of power sources to energize its lithium ion battery. Although the Sony tablet’s folding design prevents screen damage, you can buy a case or pouch for extra protection.

Sony Foldable TabletHigh marks

Many customers give this tablet favorable reviews. The device often receives high praise for its innovative design, durability and compact size. Owners also appreciate the superior versatility of the Sony Foldable P Tablet. It lets them take photos, play Crash Bandicoot, read e-books and check stock quotes on the same small device.

This pocket computer cost $349 when it first appeared on the market, so you may have overlooked it. All4Cellular currently retails it for less than $140. This is a great opportunity to acquire a quality modern tablet at relatively little expense. It also makes an excellent holiday gift for a close friend or loved one.

Top Fall Gadgets 2013

Every season, all of the well known electronics companies introduce a host of innovative and intriguing products that will soon line the shelves of stores everywhere. This fall we are seeing items ranging from new phones to upgraded Blu-ray players. Developers are adding even more interactive features to smartphones while increasing device options that feature smartphone technology, and this season these items are a must have on our list.

Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

samsung 3d blue rayFall 2013’s top entertainment device is the Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player. It offers an advanced television viewing experience as consumers can watch movies or regular television programing in 2D or 3D with a properly equipped television and shutter glasses. The player features interactive content technology, and it lets people search for movies and TV shows. With the device, viewers can connect to digital content from Netflix, Blockbuster and Hulu Plus. It even has a search engine for locating app videos or files along with other connected units. The player’s smart technology offers recommendations, and it has ultra-fast play, which loads discs faster.

Martian Watches

Another top gadget this fall season combines fashion, innovation and productivity. Martian Watches, which are a blend of smartphones and wristwatches, are a perfect accessory for just about anyone. The technology contains a number of handy features, but the ability to shake away a phone call is certainly one of the best. To connect to a smartphone, the watch uses Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, the device has a small Object Linking and Embedding, or OLED, display to present information. Other features include music, a camera and voice recognition to control Siri.

Canonical Ubuntu

Some Android phones will now feature Ubuntu, which is free and open source software that the Linux computer operating system currently uses. The advanced Android phone lets users swipe from the sides to access apps. The software will include a drag down display that allows users to scroll horizontally for the phone’s settings. With the Ubuntu addition, the Android phone will present a new icon style. For instance, the phone will not display icons in a grid pattern. Instead, icons will come and go when they’re accessed and will change size according to the operation. So although not something everyone can appreciate this fall season, Android users will be happy to see some new features.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

iphone telephoto lensApple’s iPhone 5 features one of the best cameras on today’s smartphones, but gadget developers found a way to make it better with the 12x Optical Zoom Telephoto Lens. The device even comes with a mini-tripod to give consumers more picture taking flexibility. The kit includes a handy carrying case, and when consumers need to use it, they just screw the F20mm lens onto the phone’s camera section. The result is pictures that are just as good as the pros.

Sony Xperia Z

One of the top fall gadgets for 2013 is Sony’s newest smartphone. The device features the company’s display and image capture technology. It also has the world’s first smartphone sensor that records video with High Dynamic Range mechanics. The phone can connect to other Sony devices, and it includes an advanced battery saving mode as well as a 5-inch 1080p touchscreen display, but the smartphone’s best feature is its extreme resistance to water. In fact, consumers can immerse the phone under a meter of water for about 30 minutes without destroying it!


The top gadgets of fall 2013 offer consumers new and enhanced features and we look forward to exploring all the new products that were recently put on the market. Don’t forget to take advantage of All4Cellular’s big fall sale and get awesome savings on some of the season’s hottest products!

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