Featured Product of the Month: The Sony Foldable P Tablet

Sony Foldable TabletOur featured product for November is a sophisticated pocket computer that folds like a book. The Sony Foldable P Tablet offers four gigabytes of storage space, an integrated five-megapixel camera and two 5.5-inch screens. Thanks to its Android operating system, this model runs a tremendous variety of apps.

You can use the Sony Foldable P Tablet to watch videos, play computer games or listen to music. It also has a number of practical uses. This device provides access to travel directions, weather forecasts, news headlines and other data. Android apps and mobile websites make this possible. The computer also lets you check your email on the go.

Sony Foldable TabletTwo displays

If you aren’t familiar with this model, you probably wonder how it uses two screens. Most of the bundled software treats each screen as a separate “window” that performs a distinct task. Programmers design standard mobile apps for a single screen, so you can choose to view them on one display or use the split-screen mode.

The Sony Foldable P Tablet boasts a combined video resolution of 2,048 by 960 pixels. This device’s high-resolution screens and Sony TruBlack technology enable it to produce very sharp images. TruBlack screens minimize glare and enhance contrast, according to Sony’s website. You may also use a high-definition TV as an external monitor.

Sony Foldable TabletCapabilities

This pocket computer weighs under a pound, but it may offer more computing power than your desktop PC. It features one gigabyte of memory, an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sony Foldable P Tablet can also use 4G cellular networks to communicate. MicroUSB and SD ports allow users to connect an assortment of add-ons.

Many useful accessories are available for this hand-held device. Memory cards let you save additional data and download more apps. Various chargers use a range of power sources to energize its lithium ion battery. Although the Sony tablet’s folding design prevents screen damage, you can buy a case or pouch for extra protection.

Sony Foldable TabletHigh marks

Many customers give this tablet favorable reviews. The device often receives high praise for its innovative design, durability and compact size. Owners also appreciate the superior versatility of the Sony Foldable P Tablet. It lets them take photos, play Crash Bandicoot, read e-books and check stock quotes on the same small device.

This pocket computer cost $349 when it first appeared on the market, so you may have overlooked it. All4Cellular currently retails it for less than $140. This is a great opportunity to acquire a quality modern tablet at relatively little expense. It also makes an excellent holiday gift for a close friend or loved one.

The Smartphone: The All-in-One Remote Control

Most people know that smartphones (and tablets) can be used to navigate the Web, play games, visit remote controlsocial networks and keep track of tasks, but these devices seem to be getting even smarter. You can now use your phone to manage various aspects of your house from anywhere in the world. Hundreds of applications are available to take the stress out of being a homeowner. With very little effort, you can remotely control and monitor virtually an entire house.

Keep Your Home Secure

There is an assortment of downloadable smartphone apps that maximize your home’s security. Through your mobile device, you can program a complete security system and receive notifications if anything unusual occurs. You can also connect a live-footage motion surveillance system to your phone. If there is movement in or around your house, a motion-activated camera will turn on and you will be alerted on your phone.

Upgrade Your Locking System

smartphone lockIn addition to utilizing your smartphone as a handheld home security panel, you can also use it as a house key. Unlike with traditional locking systems, you never have to worry about anyone making copies of your keys or picking your locks. With a smart-key application, you can authorize temporary electronic access to whomever you wish. You will also be able to view which doors are open or unlocked no matter where you are.

Control the Lighting

Saving money as a homeowner typically requires being stingy with the electricity. You may turn some of the lights down at night to conserve energy, or you may shut them all off completely while you’re away. But we have all had those days where you leave the house in a rush and you just can’t seem to remember if you flipped the switch before you jetted out the door. Some smartphone apps offer the perfect solution to this problem and allow you to turn on, off, or even dim lights throughout your day, no matter where you are. This is also a great app to have while you and your family may be away vacationing. By turning lights on and off randomly throughout your time away, you can deter and potential break ins as it will seem as though people are in the house.

Manage Temperatures

Another way to conserve energy with your smartphone is to download a smart thermostat remote home controlapplication. Thermostats with Wi-Fi capabilities can be controlled at any time and from anywhere. Switch to more cost-efficient temperatures while you’re away from your house, and bring the climate back to a comfortable level right before you arrive home. Some apps automatically make adjustments after learning the schedule.

Program Your Appliances

A variety of appliances can be programmed through a smartphone. You can set your stereo to play your favorite music when you come home, or you can schedule your coffeemaker to dispense your morning fuel before you even get out of bed. Whether you need clean dishes or a warm meal, you’ll likely find an application that will free your mind of its cluttered to-do list. There are even apps that allow you to remotely dispense food for your pets.

Many popular phone apps can be utilized with smart outlets as well, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to home management. You can easily transform nearly any plug-in appliance or device into a smart gadget if you have the right application. No matter how you choose to control, monitor or manage your home surroundings, your smartphone is the key to hassle-free and worry-free living.

Getting the Most Out of Your Tablet

Tablets have become incredibly popular over the past few years and with no surprise as they offer excellent computing power in a small package. With a tablet, you can access the Internet, play video games, watch movies, connect with your friends, and so much more. However, a tablet is little more than a stylish paperweight if you don’t know how to make the most of it.

Essential Tablet Accessories

tablet stylusOutfitting your new device with useful tablet accessories will help you enrich your experience. If you plan to take your tablet with you on your daily commute, a case or cover is a critical purchase that will protect your investment. Users who love to quickly navigate and use apps may prefer to use a stylus instead of their own finger. Students who rely on their tablets for academic work will find a Bluetooth keyboard an invaluable purchase. With a keyboard, you won’t have to slowly peck text into your tablet with your finger or stylus. You can also find a variety of other helpful tablet accessories, including screen protectors, chargers and external batteries.

Protecting Your Tablet

Learning how to protect your tablet is one of the first steps that you should take after the initial purchase. To protect your tablet from physical harm, invest in a sturdy case. You should also learn how to handle your tablet with care. Unless you want to replace the device frequently, don’t hand it off to your child unless your tablet is protected by a very strong, child-proof case. Your tablet is also vulnerable to digital damage caused by hackers. Installing security and anti-virus software developed for tablets is a great way to protect your device. Be sure to keep updating this software to get the best protection.

Learn How to Find and Install Apps

tablet protection

Apps are programs that add new functions to your tablet and help you customize your tablet to better suit your lifestyle. For example, if you are a film buff, you can download a variety of apps to help you watch movies, such as Netflix and Hulu. Search engines are a great way to start looking for apps. However, if you want to protect your device from malware and hackers, downloading apps from reputable sources is the best way to go. Visit the official stores for your device to find apps that have been tested thoroughly and will not harm your tablet.

Connect to the Internet

Your tablet provides an excellent way for you to connect to the Internet while you’re at home or on the go. For home use, enable the wireless option on your tablet. After connecting to your wireless network, you’ll be free to watch movies and browse the Internet from any room in your home. For use while you’re commuting or at school, you can purchase a wireless hotspot; some tablets also allow you to connect to a cellular network directly. Tablets are the perfect way for you to stay connected wherever you are, so be sure to take advantage of this great option.

Customize It

tablet wallpaperWith all of the ways you can make the most out of your tablet, one thing you should not forget is to make your tablet, well, yours! You can use your tablet to express your own creativity by setting it up just the way that you want. If you’re new to mobile devices, start by changing your wallpaper. You can download a high-quality photo from the Internet or use one of your favorite photos. Once you feel more comfortable with your device, you can assign fun sounds to the tablet or reorganize your home screen.

These are just a few of the ways you can make sure you are taking advantage of everything your tablet provides. Do some research on your particular tablet and see what new and exciting accessories, apps and offerings your tablet has available. With so many benefits the device presents, why not capitalize on each and every one?