Five Must-have Accessories for Photographers

The best camera for capturing compelling photos, emotions and spontaneous events is the one that you carry with you. Fortunately, these days camera phones deliver spectacular imagery, vibrant color palettes and quality pictures, allowing amateur and professional photographers alike to capture those pivotal moments at all times. Obviously there are tons of professional and high quality cameras out there that produce stunning photos, there are also some exceptional accessories available that can make a simple camera phone yield surprisingly similar results.

The right accessories can aid in common problems such as shutter lag, color proportions and blurriness, among others. So, no matter how advanced of a photographer you may be, if you enjoy taking pictures conveniently with your phone’s camera, consider investing in a few of the following accessories to take your images to the next level.

LED Continuous Light Panel

led light

Shed a little light on your subject because the better lit your scene, the clearer your images will be. A handy light panel brightens the subject with superior-quality LED lighting that delivers more natural colors than even direct sunlight. Camera flashes cause strange glares, red eye, disfiguring shadows and unwanted reflections, but LED lighting provides a natural, appealing atmosphere for your finest shots. You can dim the lights to create ideal lighting to enhance your subject and use the panel as emergency flashlight while capturing images during a power blackout.

Extended Photo Lens

extended photo lensZooming in on subjects with the digital zoom provided in your phone impairs shot quality due to pixelation, which is when you see individual pixels as square images. Extended photo lenses for your smartphone or tablet device provide genuine optical zoom and eliminate blurred long-distance and pixelated images. Most lenses come with mini tripods that you can use to stabilize your camera and deliver an even better quality for your scenic and posed shots.

Camera Connection Kit

iphone connection kitTransferring files between a digital camera or iPhone to an iPad device requires a camera connection kit. You can choose among five different ports to transfer your data, and the lightweight kit is easy to carry with you. If recording audio or listening to a headset, most people prefer USB audio interfaces, but Apple products don’t have USB ports. Use the camera connection kit to transfer your data, plug USB devices into your iPad and sync your photos without starting your camera or accessing a laptop or PC.

Wireless Shutter Release Remote

shutter remoteTake self-portraits or appear unexpectedly in your shots like Alfred Hitchcock. Choose instant-release function or time-delay without sacrificing control of when your shutter activates. Combine the features of a remote-control unit and camera without cables. Some models come with separate automatic-focus and shutter-trigger controls and multiple infrared channels to reduce radio interference, which is particularly useful when other photographers are shooting in the same area and generating overlapping signals. Choose a compact model that fits in your hand for traveling convenience.

Digital Photo Frame

digital frameDigital photo frames allow you to display photographs, link with friends and family and view photos when they post on social-sharing forums. Receive pictures on your frame by creating a dedicated email address for the device. Digital frames allow you to store more images, share with friends, and view your shots in greater detail; in real time.


Wild and Crazy Chargers

cell phone chargersFor many people, a cell phone is more than an accessory; rather it’s a necessity to everyday life.  However, these devices can run out of battery and you may not always be in an opportune location where access to a charger or an outlet is readily available…say, camping in the wilderness. Fortunately, today’s technology wizards have invented handy cell phone chargers that help guarantee your cell phone sustains full charge at all times. Although a bit unusual, these ingenious chargers could certainly come in handy.

Power Pocket Cell Phone Chargers

camping with cell phoneTaking a hiking trip in the mountains? Spending the weekend in a tent on the beach? Adventures like these often mean a bit of escape from reality, particularly from access to electricity. But these days, most people can’t last that long without their cell phone. So, to make sure you have a fully functional phone no matter where your adventure takes you, the power pocket has been created. With its unique thermocouple technology, the Power Pocket uses thermoelectric material to charge your valuable devices. Basically, the varying temperatures of the material, combined with body heat, create voltage and current, making electrical power. The Power Pocket charger can be sown on a sleeping bag so you can slumber beneath the trees while knowing you will wake up to a fully charged phone. If instead you plan on trekking through the woods and require full charge at all times, the manufacturer also adds the charging pocket to clothing.

The Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers

hiking with cell phoneWant to kill two birds with one stone – why not get some exercise while charging your cell phone? To get an arm workout while charging your cell phone, purchase a hand-cranking device. The unit is connected to a backup battery that receives its power from the power you generate with your cranking abilities. If you crank the device for one minute, then you will produce enough power to send several text messages or make a quick phone call. Maybe not the most efficient charging device out there, this is definitely one you should consider adding to your emergency car kit.

Wind and Solar Cell Phone Chargers

One of today’s craziest charging technologies features a bicycle helmet that stores the wind and solar energy that you accumulate while riding a bike. The helmet possesses a small fan to collect the wind’s energy as well as solar cells to acquire energy from the sun. According to the developers, a 40-minute bicycle ride produces enough power to fully charge your cell phone.

Foot Pump Chargers

The foot pump charger is similar to the hand crank unit as it requires physical effort to create energy. The unit features a turbine that develops electricity from the airflow produced by the pumping action. The item is especially handy for outdoor excursions, such as camping, because it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Fuel Cell Phone Chargers

A fuel cell charger is a small, portable unit that you can take with you for cell phone charging emergencies. The device needs a fuel cell and one spoonful of water to develop power. Specifically, the source uses an advanced electro-chemical process to function. The charger also stores power. This innovative charger is another great option to have in case of emergencies.

With one of these nontraditional cell phone chargers, you can avoid the inconvenience of a dead cell phone battery, no matter where you are. Furthermore, many of the unique options are environmentally friendly while some can even help you improve your health.

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Despite your best efforts, mishaps happen, cell phones get wet. Whether you’ve dropped it in a sink full of water, spilled your tall glass of lemonade all over it, or have been pushed in a pool (very funny, guys), your first instinct may be to panic. Resist that urge and immediately follow these tips instead, they could potentially save your phone from no return. By knowing what to do, you may be able to avoid the worst kinds of cell phone water damage and salvage your phone completely.

Phone splashingAct Quickly

No matter what you try to do to save your cell phone, do it quickly. The longer it stays wet, the likelier it is to be damaged beyond repair. This is precisely why it pays to know what to do before you encounter this problem. If you have to research tips when it’s already wet, you won’t be able to act very quickly, so pay attention!

Remove Battery

Immediately begin drying the phone with a cloth or paper towel. Take additional cloths or paper towels and lay the phone on them. Don’t move the cell phone around too much because doing so could make the water get in even more deeply. In an effort to avoid cell phone water damage, you may be tempted to take apart your device. This is a good way to destroy it completely. Remove the cover and any peripherals, and make sure to remove the battery as many circuits inside the phone can survive water damage as long as they are not attached to a power source. Be sure to also remove the SIM card if your phone has one. This card is where most of your valuable data, such as contacts and pictures, are stored, in which case may be more worthy of saving than the phone. Beyond that, though, don’t try to open up the phone or otherwise take it apart.

Use a Vacuum CleanerWet Cell Phone

Removing moisture from the exterior of a cell phone is simple enough. What you really need to worry about is the moisture that’s trapped inside it. A great way to remove a lot of it is by using a vacuum cleaner. You should try to vacuum your phone for about 20 minutes. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner or shop vac is preferable, but a standard one will do in a pinch. It is vital that you do not use a hair dryer to try and dry out your phone, a mistake made all too frequently. Because blow dryers blow out air, instead of sucking it in like a vacuum cleaner, it could potentially force moisture further into your phone. The heat from the hot air of the blow dryer could also pose damaging effects to your phones electrical components.

Try Desiccants

A desiccant is a material that absorbs water readily. The easiest one to come by at the drop of a hat is rice. Fill a bowl or bag with rice and bury your cell phone into it. The silica gel packets that often come in shoe boxes and other items may be used too. Craft stores sell desiccants for drying out flowers that can be used to absorb the moisture from your phone. As a common rule of thumb, you should leave your phone submerged in these items for at least overnight.

cell phone in poolDon’t Assume You can Use the Warranty

Many people don’t realize that water damage is not covered in their warranty and won’t actively try and recover their phone after it has become wet. Unless you are positive you have purchased extra warranty to cover this situation, be prepared to take all steps necessary to save your phone after getting wet.

As a preemptive measure, you might consider keeping a wet cell phone emergency kit handy. There are also waterproof cases for those of you prone to accidents. In any event, cell phone water damage doesn’t have to mean the death of your device, so next time your phone takes that frightful plunge into the water, keep these tips in mind.

Pet-Proof your Technology

From cell phones to tablets, modern technology makes life easier. Whether you own a desktop, laptop or tablet, you have probably invested a decent sum of money in your gadgets, and you know how important it is to take care of them. If you’re a pet owner, protecting your electronics goes beyond basic maintenance. Whether you have a feline friend or a canine companion, here are some tips for pet-proofing your favorite electronics.

Protect Your Computer Cords

dog wrapped in wiresFor reasons known only to them, many pets enjoy pouncing on motionless electrical cords. Even though puppies and kittens are more prone to chewing the cords, some older pets find this dangerous habit difficult to break. If you have a dedicated home office, you may be able to protect your electronics and your pet by closing the door or installing a pet gate in the doorway. However, if this isn’t a viable option, you can try to make the cords as unappealing as possible for your pets. Most pet stores sell sprays that will deter your pet from chewing cords and other items. If you want to keep the cords completely out of sight, you may also want to try covering them with electrical tape or even inexpensive PVC piping.

Use Cases for Your Electronics

It’s easy to leave your phone or tablet in various places around your home, but if your dogbroken cell phone or cat jumps on the furniture, your favorite electronic device can easily be knocked down and unintentionally destroyed by your pet. You can reduce the chances of your device becoming damaged by investing in a high-quality case and screen protector. This way, even if your device hits the floor, a good case should be able to prevent it from becoming damaged beyond repair. It may also protect a small device from being used as your pet’s favorite toy. In addition, if your dog tends to slobber and drool, you may want to invest in a waterproof case.

Keep Your Technology Clean

cat on keyboardSome dogs and cats shed a lot, and if you’re finding balls of fur around your home, it’s likely that pet hair and dust are getting into your computer. While the obvious solution is to dust and sweep as often as possible, this takes a lot of time and effort, and you may not be able to clean every day. However, you should try to brush your pet as often as possible to get rid of as much hair as you can. It also helps to change the filter on your air conditioning unit every month. Not only is this good for your HVAC system, but it also helps to prevent excess dust and hair from being recirculated throughout your home. If you notice dirt and hair accumulating on your keyboard, you can clean it with a soft brush, a dryer sheet or a can of compressed air.

Pets are like family, and it’s frustrating when they inadvertently damage your favorite gadgets. By being proactive and taking some extra precautions, you can extend the life of your technology and protect your pets from harm.

Overcharging Your Cell Phone: Fact or Fiction?

The idea that a cell phone battery can be overcharged is bandied about quite a lot, and people are often warned not to keep their smartphones plugged in overnight. It is said that doing so can reduce its life, which may result in having to replace the cell phone battery prematurely. As common as this advice may be, however, it’s not entirely accurate. In reality, it’s far better to charge your cell phone frequently.

battery chargeLithium-Ion Batteries

The vast majority of cell phone batteries are of the lithium-ion variety. The idea that they shouldn’t be overcharged is rampant because people don’t realize that they’re dealing with different types of batteries. There are, indeed, certain types of batteries that shouldn’t be overcharged. Some should even be allowed to discharge completely on a regular basis. However, this is not the case with lithium-ion cell phone batteries.

Avoid Full Discharges

While it’s technically okay to allow a cell phone battery to discharge, or run out of juice completely every now and then, it’s best to try to avoid it in general. Things happen, of course, and completely discharging a cell phone battery is sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless, there is no need or benefit in deliberately discharging a lithium-ion battery all the way.

Charge Frequently Between Usescell phone car charger

When it comes to cell phone batteries, the best rule of thumb is to charge them whenever the opportunity arises. While sitting at a computer, for instance, keep it plugged in. Keep a charger in the car and keep the phone plugged in while driving. The only exception to these steps would be if the cell phone battery is already at full capacity. Keeping it almost constantly charging while it is already in a state of full charge can be detrimental. However, it is still far less damaging than allowing it to discharge fully on a regular basis.

Avoid High Temperatures and Full Charges at All Costs

Basically, you should try to keep your cell phone battery as charged as possible but stop charging it when it achieves a full charge. It’s okay to charge it several times throughout the day to keep it highly charged, as long as you avoid allowing it to discharge it all the way. The absolute worst thing you can do is to expose a fully charged cell phone battery to high temperatures for extended periods of time. It’s bad to bare these batteries to high temperatures in general, but the consequences can be a lot more severe when they are fully charged.

cell phone chargingOvernight Charging

Like many people, you may charge your phone overnight. If you were to listen to the conventional wisdom saying that it’s bad to overcharge your phone, you may consider rethinking the nightly recharge. As noted earlier, keeping a phone perpetually in a fully charged state can be harmful to your battery’s health, which may sound a bit contradictory when we now state that charging a phone battery overnight is perfectly okay. The main concern with leaving a battery plugged in when it is already at 100% is that it is more prone to overheating. However, the majority of the time, heat is not an issue and  leaving your device plugged in is acceptable because, truth be told, it will not overcharge. Cell phones recognize when the battery is at full capacity and will stop charging. Ultimately, keeping your phone fully charged is far better than allowing it to discharge all the way too often.

Interesting Item of the Month: Portable Bluetooth Speaker w/ LED Flashlight

Listening to your favorite music and keeping in touch with the important people in your life just got easier with the 4-in-1 portable Bluetooth speaker and LED flashlight. Manufactured by Chromo, the device is a must-have accessory for any bicyclist or driver. Manufactured with a tasteful black and silver color scheme, the apparatus features a Bluetooth speaker, LED flashlight, speakerphone and charger for USB-enabled devices.

Designed for Portability

Portable Speaker on BikeAn innovative accessory that reduces the need to tote around numerous heavy and potentially bulky objects, the portable Bluetooth speaker’s lightweight cylindrical shape makes it easily portable and simple to attach to a two or four-wheeled vehicle. The device also comes with a sun-shield clip or stand, and bicycle holder for easy reach while traveling.

Easy to Pair Bluetooth Speaker

Forget about incompatibility issues or annoying wires. The portable Bluetooth speaker is Flashlight speakereasy to pair with the vast majority of smartphones currently on the market. As the device is compatible With USB-Enabled PCs, Laptops, and Phones, the speaker helps making important calls on the go or staying in touch with friends and family while traveling a simple task. The included USB cable allows iPod or iPhone owners to plug their devices into the speaker to listen to their favorite tunes at any point during their journey.

Convenient USB Charger

Compatible Speaker FlashlightShould your device start running low on charge, don’t panic. The speaker features a USB-compatible cable so you can conveniently charge it via PC or laptop wherever you are.

Safety-Enhancing LED Flashlight

If you like to go out bike riding in the evening or nighttime when visibility is limited, the Speaker Flashlightportable Bluetooth speaker’s LED flashlight feature will come in handy. Boasting a powerful beam designed to brighten your path, illuminate possible obstructions and make you more noticeable to cars and pedestrians, the LED flashlight will help you see and be seen.

Large, Intuitive Buttons

Four large, easily visible control buttons with white print adorn the middle of the device. Each button serves a separate and readily identifiable function, allowing you to turn the Bluetooth function and the LED flashlight on or off, answer incoming phone calls, play or pause the music you’re listening to, skip undesirable tracks and adjust the speaker volume.

Priced for Savings

At a special low cost of $99.95, the portable Bluetooth speaker is priced for the savvy accessory shopper. Down from its regular price of $160, the speaker offers a hefty savings of just over $60.

Four coveted features in one make the portable Bluetooth speaker indispensable. Cyclists will enjoy the device’s LED flashlight and convenient bicycle clamp. Motor vehicle drivers will appreciate the speaker’s sun-shield clamp capability. Both will find its portability and convenience while traveling a huge asset.

Interesting, Unique and Just Plain Bizarre Cell Phone Accessories

Have you ever wanted to make a statement with your cell phone? We’ve compiled five of the more…shall we say, “unconventional,” cell phone accessories that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Whether these accouterments are practical or not, they certainly are quite interesting, if not outright bizarre. However, if you are looking to a add unique flair to your cell phone, consider investing in one of these interesting items.

1) Payphone Handset


If you long for the days of clunky payphones (do these people exist??), you will be delighted to learn that there are payphone handsets available for purchase that can be plugged into the side of your cell phone. The handset, which comes in a variety of colors for extra pizzazz, is designed to resemble the payphones that used to line the streets of America. With the handset in place, you can definitely guarantee stares from passerbies as you bring back this long forgotten object.

2) Cell Phone Sweatshirt

For a truly unnecessary addition to your cellphone, you might ponder buying a cell phone carrying case that is designed to resemble a sweatshirt, yes, a sweatshirt. The fabric of the case is made of denim, so you can sleep well knowing your cell phone will be kept warm and toasty during the cold hours of the night. The miniature sweatshirt even comes with tiny sleeves for the full effect. Be careful though, friends might begin to wonder if you’ve lost your mind!

3) Flashing Bracelets

When you’re involved in an activity that calls for complete silence, you probably set your cell phone on silent mode. But chances are, you find yourself checking the phone every few minutes to see if you have missed a call or text. If this sounds familiar, well, here’s a solution for you: alert bracelets. Designed to fit snugly around the wrist, these ostentatious bracelets will flash whenever there is an incoming call. Although somewhat of a interesting idea, we think that the flashing disturbances could potentially be more interrupting than a ringtone.

4) Phone Windshield Wipers

windshield wipers

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the dust and fingerprints that collect on the front of your iPhone, you could consider opting for a miniature windshield wiper set that will faithfully clean the glass at regular intervals. The single-blade wiper, which is made from soft rubber, is anchored to the bottom of the screen and repeatedly swings in an arching motion so that every square inch of the glass is made free of dirt. For individuals who insist on cleanliness for all of their electronic devices, this is a strange, but rather fun option.

5) TV Hat

The TV Hat is a product that allows you to watch videos by strapping an opaque device to your head. The contraption is compatible with most cell phones and allows for a covert movie-watching experience. The company indicates that the TV Hat can be taken on camping trips, road trips and plane flights. One of the silliest looking accessories we came across, you might actually consider in investing in one if you enjoy a disruption-free movie watching experience, in complete isolation.

strange cell phone accessoriesWhile these cell phone accessories are undoubtedly entertaining, they may not be that practical. But then again, many accessories in life aren’t meant to be! If you are ultimately looking for something that will turn heads and create a bit of commotion, there are plenty of bizarre cell phone accessories out there, guaranteed to do just so. However, if you are searching for cell phone accessories that actually offer useful services, check out everything we have to offer at

Interesting Facts about Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless connection that is used throughout the world. It offers convenient and secure connections for a variety of devices, and today, this wireless advancement is an essential element in modern connectivity. Bluetooth lets people complete a variety of actions between electronic devices without any annoying wires or cables . For instance, smartphones can stream music through a vehicle’s stereo, activate garage doors and link people to each other. Here are some interesting facts about this amazing wireless advancement you may not have known.

Historical Facts

wireless bluetoothIn 1994, a team of engineers at the Swedish company, Ericsson, invented a wireless communication technology that would soon be known as Bluetooth. Later, during 1998, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba formed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG, to further develop the technology. As a result, a single company does not own the invention, which allows companies in all parts of the world to incorporate the Bluetooth technology to produce new and innovative products. The companies involved with SIG continue to work together to advance and preserve the wireless technology. Currently, there are more than 18,000 member companies in SIG.

The name “Bluetooth” came from the Danish King Harald Blåtand, whose name translates to Harold Bluetooth in English. He ruled during the 10th century, and his noble efforts include uniting the warring countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Since the modern day technology allows different products and devices to join together and “unite”, the collaboration reminded the initial inventors of the King’s achievements, so they named it after him. They even used his initials to create the logo.

Product Facts

Bluetooth is a combination of hardware and software. When a product includes the bluetooth technologywireless advancement, it features a small computer chip that has a communication radio. This is the hardware portion of the technology. However, to operate, a device must also contain software to connect to other products. The wireless feature also has a dual mode chip. One section streams data while the other one emits short data spurts.

With the advanced wireless system, people have access to backwards compatibility. For instance, a new smartphone will still work with a headset that is several years old. Furthermore, Apple, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8 automatically support the technology. Manufacturers ship an estimated seven million products featuring the wireless development every day, and this year, devices with the advancement are expected to total 10 billion.

Products That Feature the Technology

bluetooth carAt first, Bluetooth’s inventors created the wireless technology to replace phone cables, keyboards and computer mice wire connectors. Today, the technology’s advancements have surpassed the initial objectives for its creation. For instance, the health industry uses it to monitor a person’s health through an inhaler, a glucometer and even a toothbrush. In the fitness sector, the advancement can assess a person’s daily activity levels, just to name a few.

The wireless development is a feature of smartphones, tablets and personal computers. In fact, carmakers are enhancing their vehicles with the technology to allow their automobiles to do things such as book dinner reservations, send text messages and make phone calls for the driver. In some cases, the advancement assesses a vehicle’s operations and checks the traffic conditions.

Bluetooth is an amazing development in technology that is continually making things easier and more convenient for its users. With advances in the technology made every day, it is exciting to think of all the possibilities that are to come.

Smartphone Apps to Survive College

Going back to college can be stressful and overwhelming, from packing all of your back to school essentials to getting back in that student mindset, there’s a lot that goes into the whole process. However, to aid in the many anxieties of going back to school, you can pretty much guarantee: “there’s an app for that.”  So, take out your preferred smartphone, or tablet of choice, and download some of these helpful apps to ensure a smooth and pain-free readjustment to college.

Staying Studious

studyingAmazon Student – Possibly one the most dreaded parts of heading back to school is buying books, lots and lots of books.  Eliminate some of the stress by avoiding the campus bookstore and deal with the process online. Buy and sell your books on Amazon Student and receive free shipping. At the end of the semester, instead of taking your books back to the bookstore to sell for a depressingly fraction of their cost, resell them to Amazon in exchange for an Amazon gift card you can use to buy next semesters’ books or supplies.

ITunes U – Gain access to loads of educational material from prestigious universities all over the world. If you’re interested in getting additional knowledge on a subject or looking for a lecture to help you understand a certain topic a bit better, this college survival app offers downloadable lectures, course notes, presentations and more, right at the touch of your fingertips.

Bench Prep – Have a big test coming up but need some help studying for it? Bench Prep offers an interactive course library with graduate and professional exam study material including practice questions, flash cards, study lessons, etc.

Staying Organized

class scheduleEvernote – Going back to school often comes with attached with information overload. Basically, what this college survival app does is sync all of your “stuff.” This allows you to access (and remember) everything you save and do across all of the devices you use, and then get ahold of it from anywhere.

myHomework – This app allows students to track deadlines, assignments, grades, class schedules, etc. The ultimate organizer, myHomework will definitely help boost productivity. Push notifications consistently remind students when something important is coming up, to make staying on top of your studies easier than ever.

Dropbox – Don’t risk losing track of notes, forgetting a project saved on your home desktop computer or having that paper that’s due tomorrow mysteriously disappear from your laptop. Keep papers, reports, assignments or projects stowed away in this cloud storage service so you can have access to all of your work from one location, no matter where you actually are.

Staying Economical

Mint – College is without a doubt expensive, but this college survival app can help make it a bit more manageable. Monitor your financial accounts, set reminders to pay bills, keep budgeting charts and watch your spending with this finance organizer.

SpotMe Payments – If you’re attending college, chances are you have a roommate, or even multiple roommates. Managing household expenses, splitting rent and utilities, or sharing grocery costs can be made easy with SpotMe, an app to allocate and manage payments between numerous people.

Staying Social

social network

LinkedIn – During college it is essential for students to start preparing for internships and jobs. LinkedIn is the best way to show off your talents and skills and network with the people who might be critical connections in your future job search. These days, networking is extremely important and this college survival app is a great way to get your name out there.

Facebook – No matter how far away from home your college may be, be sure to stay in touch with your friends and family. Facebook is an ideal platform to help you stay in the loop with the people you may not see as often.

Twitter – It isn’t uncommon to stay up-to-date on current news via Twitter. Be sure you know what’s going on in the world by following news sources, people and companies in your field of study, or anyone else who you may provide information you are interested in.

Do Screen Protectors Actually Work?

screen protectorToday, purchasing a cellphone is an investment. Even when getting a good deal, buying a new phone typically means shelling out a substantial amount of cash. However, cellphones are not only expensive; many users consider them indispensable to their daily lives. Because these devices are so important, the majority of users are careful to protect their investment, and one way to do this is by using a screen protector to enhance and protect the phone.

Screen protectors are thin, transparent films that adhere directly to the surface of a cellphone screen. Behind chargers and protective cases, these protective films are one of the most commonly purchased cellphone accessories, primarily due to their many benefits. Before writing off a screen protector as an unnecessary expense, consider these ways a protector can improve your phone and overall satisfaction with your device.

Maintain a Fresh, New Appearance

Between constant handling and being stored in a purse or pocket, even the nicest cellphones can quickly become dirty, and the screen is usually the first place to show grime. Placing a protective film over the screen is the easiest way to protect a phone from unwanted smudges, oil and fingerprints. In fact, many protectors are designed to actually repel dirt and reduce the appearance of fingerprints. This allows users to keep their cellphones looking fresh and helps to maintain a brand new aesthetic. Additionally, should the film get dirty, users can easily wipe away smudges using a microfiber cloth, which is often included when purchasing a protector.

Protection Against Unwanted Damage

While maintaining a clean screen is important, it is even more important to protect against damage. According to a recent study performed by SquareTrade, a third-party provider of electronics warranties, Americans have spent approximately $5.9 billion repairing damaged iPhones. This is not even considering all of the money spent on repairing other cellphone models or repairs made internationally.

One of the greatest benefits of using a screen protector is that these films offer another layer of protection against scratches, nicks and other damage. Screens are the most vulnerable area of a cellphone; protecting this area is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid costly repairs and irritating imperfections on the screen.

Glare and Privacy Protection

In addition to providing an extra level of damage protection, certain types of screen protectors are specially tinted to eliminate glare or increase privacy. Glare resistance protectors are special films designed to reduce glare created by the sun or bright indoor lights. However, while an anti-glare protector will improve screen visibility, it will not make the screen appear dark or cloudy under normal lights.

Cellphone users who frequently manage their finances, shop, email or share personal text messages in public may also want to consider adding a privacy protector to their screen. These screen protectors make it impossible to view the contents of a screen unless a person is looking at it from a straight angle. This allows users to openly use their phone without anyone else viewing their activity. The privacy, protection and aesthetic enhancement that screen protectors offer is what makes them such a valuable and popular accessory among modern cellphone users.