Featured Product of the Month: The Sony Foldable P Tablet

Sony Foldable TabletOur featured product for November is a sophisticated pocket computer that folds like a book. The Sony Foldable P Tablet offers four gigabytes of storage space, an integrated five-megapixel camera and two 5.5-inch screens. Thanks to its Android operating system, this model runs a tremendous variety of apps.

You can use the Sony Foldable P Tablet to watch videos, play computer games or listen to music. It also has a number of practical uses. This device provides access to travel directions, weather forecasts, news headlines and other data. Android apps and mobile websites make this possible. The computer also lets you check your email on the go.

Sony Foldable TabletTwo displays

If you aren’t familiar with this model, you probably wonder how it uses two screens. Most of the bundled software treats each screen as a separate “window” that performs a distinct task. Programmers design standard mobile apps for a single screen, so you can choose to view them on one display or use the split-screen mode.

The Sony Foldable P Tablet boasts a combined video resolution of 2,048 by 960 pixels. This device’s high-resolution screens and Sony TruBlack technology enable it to produce very sharp images. TruBlack screens minimize glare and enhance contrast, according to Sony’s website. You may also use a high-definition TV as an external monitor.

Sony Foldable TabletCapabilities

This pocket computer weighs under a pound, but it may offer more computing power than your desktop PC. It features one gigabyte of memory, an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sony Foldable P Tablet can also use 4G cellular networks to communicate. MicroUSB and SD ports allow users to connect an assortment of add-ons.

Many useful accessories are available for this hand-held device. Memory cards let you save additional data and download more apps. Various chargers use a range of power sources to energize its lithium ion battery. Although the Sony tablet’s folding design prevents screen damage, you can buy a case or pouch for extra protection.

Sony Foldable TabletHigh marks

Many customers give this tablet favorable reviews. The device often receives high praise for its innovative design, durability and compact size. Owners also appreciate the superior versatility of the Sony Foldable P Tablet. It lets them take photos, play Crash Bandicoot, read e-books and check stock quotes on the same small device.

This pocket computer cost $349 when it first appeared on the market, so you may have overlooked it. All4Cellular currently retails it for less than $140. This is a great opportunity to acquire a quality modern tablet at relatively little expense. It also makes an excellent holiday gift for a close friend or loved one.

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