How to Clean a Cell Phone, Phone Case and Screen Protector

clean ottorbox phone caseEvery cell phone could use a good cleaning now and again, but how do you go about it, and why should you bother? Your health is one good reason. If you think your trusty cell is germ-free, think again. The infectious materials that commonly inhabit these devices include staph, flu, Salmonella and more, and their chances of making you sick are more than excellent. Of course, the bacteria are just what you can’t see. The rest should be obvious to everyone.

How to Clean Your Cell Phone

Before you start, turn the phone off. Remove any after-market case or cover and take out the battery if possible. You can also peel off the screen protector, but if the glass or plastic beneath shows any damage, it’s best to leave it in place.

Cleaning Solutions

When choosing a cleaning solution for your cell phone, stay away from over-the-counter sprays. For one thing, their harsh chemicals can remove protective coatings and wreak havoc with your LCD display. In addition, since you must keep moisture far from its electrical components, it’s imperative to avoid spraying anything directly on your phone.

The use of disposable wipes, on the other hand, is fine. They disinfect while cleaning and contain the right amount of moisture. To save some money, you can also dampen a soft cloth with a half-and-half mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

One caveat, however: If your phone contains any metal trim, leave the alcohol on the shelf.

Cleaning the Touch Screen and Screen Protector

The plastic of which many touch screens are made is particularly susceptible to scratching. Wipe yours gently with a damp cloth, using an up-and-down motion to avoid introducing circular scratches. Do not rub.

You can either clean the screen protector the same way or replace it entirely.

Cleaning the Keyboard

Give your keyboard a once-over with the same disinfectant wipe or moistened cloth that you used on the touch screen display. Switching to a cotton swab will help you reach the tinier spaces.

Cleaning the Camera Lens

A twirling motion with a dampened cotton swab is perfect for cleaning the camera lens. Use the opposite end to dry it immediately.

Cleaning the Battery Case

A dry cotton swab works well for removing dust bunnies from inside the battery case. If any dirt remains, follow up with a damp swab and dry the area right away.

Cleaning the Carrying Case

If your case is composed of plastic, you can safely clean it with a solution of alcohol and water. For leather cases, it’s best to employ a product that is especially designed for the purpose.

High-Tech Solutions

If you are looking for a high-end cleaning, you can try one of the numerous over-the-counter products designed for cleaning electronic equipment. A can of compressed air will quickly force any crumbs out of the cracks, and ultraviolet light sanitizers are great for safely destroying bacteria on the surface.

Cleaning your cell should take very little time, and a little trouble taken today will reward you tomorrow with a shining, germ-free instrument of which you can be proud.

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