The Stylus Statutes.

As the Touch Screen phenomenon continues to populate our world, rapidly infusing itself into every day technology, so does the Stylus Phenomenon. It’s a great companion, to a touch screen device and to those of us blessed with size XL fingers.

Reasons you might want to consider a Stylus:

-If you’re entirely frustrated with sending messages that say things like “U’lk bne ghomw ssooln..,”.

-You don’t appreciate the feisty winter wind biting at your poor fingers as you’re on text attempt number three.

-You’re not a participating member of the “I love finger Smudges on My Screen” Club.

-You’re using Apps crowded with tiny buttons, most of which say “Buy it Now!”.

-You’ve got long fingernails and aren’t ready to sacrafice them for ease of access.

-You need the precision of a Stylus for certain apps. (Generally drawing apps.)

So whether you need a stylus for your iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone, or Tablet, Hop on over to All4Cellular and check out our wide selection of Styluses!


Apparently not everyone is ready for the stylus. In South Korea, they found a way around the Stylus by using Sausages on their touch screens, (Yes the edible kind, you heard me!) to beat the cold weather and bringing an entirely new meaning to the term “Sausage Fingers”.

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