Top 10 Smartphones for the 2013 Holiday Season

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Are you thinking about giving someone a smartphone this holiday season, but are unsure which one to purchase? With so many brands and models available today, the choice can be quite difficult, indeed. Nevertheless, to ensure that your gift recipient will be pleased, we’ve compiled a list of 2013’s hottest smartphones on the market for this holiday season.

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1. Apple iPhone 5s

This phone has the same form factor as the iPhone 5; however, it has an improved 64-bit A-7 processor and a fingerprint-enabled touch ID central home button. iOS 7 first launched with the 5s bringing improved Siri integration and notifications.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

One of the most sought-after Android phones today is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, due mainly to its water-resistant features. The Active can survive a 3 foot plunge for up to 30 minutes. The device also boasts a built-in TV remote and an 8-MP camera.

3. HTC One X

The HTC One is known most for its speedy photo abilities, and the new HTC One X is even faster. This phone has a beautiful LCD display and top-class hardware offering a fantastic user experience.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is perhaps the most capable Android device on the market today. With its large 5.7 inch display, 13 megapixel rear camera, 16GB internal memory and 3,200 mAh removable battery, this phone is one of the best around.

5. Google Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 flaunts many great features including, a Snapdragon 800 processor, Qi wireless charging and an eight megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. This phone is the first device with Android 4.4 offering a terrific user experience.

6. Kyocera Torque

Looking for an indestructible phone? The Kyocera Torque is the perfect choice. This phone is extremely sturdy, waterproof and provides Smart Sonic technology, which allows you to transmit call audio through headphones or a helmet.

7. Moto X

Motorola’s Moto X is assembled in the U.S. and offers excellent voice control functioning and active notifications on a lock screen. The Moto X also boasts an extremely long battery life. As the first smartphone that lets you customize the colors, this is sure to be a big hit this holiday season for those wanting to add a personal touch.

8. Motorola Droid Maxx

Next to the Note 3, the Droid Maxx offers the best when it comes to memory and battery swap capabilities. This phone comes with a five inch AMOLED display, 10 megapixel camera, Qi wireless charging and 32GB internal storage.

9. Sony Xperia Z1

Another top choice in the waterproof category, the Sony Xperia offers a high-powered 20.7 megapixel camera, a five inch HD display and a 16GB internal storage.

10. Nokia Lumia 1020

The Lumia 1020 may be the best device that Windows Phone is offering today. This phone is a must-have for people who love to take pictures as it rivals some of the best point-and-shoot cameras on the market. Popular apps for the Lumia 1020 include advanced camera lenses, Nokia Music+ and HERE Map’s turn-by-turn voice-led navigation.

It seems as if everyone either has a smartphone today or certainly has it marked down on their wish list. If you have a friend or family member who would love to have a smartphone, why not consider giving him or her one of the top smartphones for the holiday season? All of these phones have great features, and any one of them will be sure to please that special person in your life.

What Type of Cell Phone User Are You?

Ninety percent of the American public carries a cell phone nowadays, but not everyone does so for the same reasons. Researchers at Experian Simmons have identified five distinct types of cell phone users. Which type are you?

The Modern Cell Phone User

mobile professionalYou’ve practically grown up with a cell phone in your pocket. It’s likely to be a BlackBerry, Nextel or iPhone, and you’re proud of its wide array of apps. Most people classified as this type of user is part of the generation that has grown up on cell phones and would probably be lost without them.

In addition to being a technologically savvy cell phone user, you are also a very social person. You love trying anything new and will always be one of the first to join a new community or social network. Experian Simmons would classify you as one of the 19 percent of users that it calls the “Mobirati.”

The Go-Getter

Your schedule is busy and so are you. With little time to waste on insignificant matters, you use your cell phone more to assist in running errands and performing your job than you do to chat with friends. Your taste leans toward the iPhone, BlackBerry or Palm, but you’d just as soon get your information from a laptop if it weren’t so inconvenient to carry.

Experian Simmons would group you with a modern group it calls the “Mobile Professionals.” You are a productive cell phone user, and your device helps you complete your responsibilities.

The Font of Knowledge

baby boomer on phoneIf you land in this category, you are likely to be a baby boomer in your 50s or 60s, and although you’ve carried one for a number of years, you’re just beginning to learn that your cell phone can do more than simply make calls. You have now evolved into a cell phone user who enjoys using its Internet connectivity to answer such pressing questions as “Will it rain tonight?” and “Where’s the nearest gas station?”

According to Experian Simmons, you are a “Pragmatic Adapter,” and Nokia, Motorola or Sanyo will suit you just fine.

Just the Basics

A cell phone’s appearance leaves you feeling indifferent, and its technical capabilities have no impact on your opinion of the device whatsoever. As long as the phone can make calls, you’ve found yourself a winner. When the next new application hits the street, you are sure to be late to the party if, indeed, you attend it all.

If this sounds like you, you are a traditional and sensible individual. As a “Basic Planner,” your no-nonsense nature extends to most aspects of your life, and all you want in your pocket is a means of connection should an emergency arise.

The Sociable Butteryfly

social mobileYou don’t care all that much about efficiency or productivity, and having all the answers at your fingertips doesn’t mean that much to you. You’d rather use your phone as a social tool, taking advantage of the ease it provides in chatting with friends, planning events and setting up get-togethers.

Experian Simmons would call you a “Social Connector.” Your lifeline is likely to be a Nextel, LG or Sanyo, and your need to stay in touch with friends can be so strong that if you forget your cell phone at home, you’ll jump right back into the car to retrieve it.

What Does it All Mean?

Although different people have their own particular reasons for carrying cell phones, one thing is certain: Few can remember what in the world it was like to leave home without one!

Five Must-have Accessories for Photographers

The best camera for capturing compelling photos, emotions and spontaneous events is the one that you carry with you. Fortunately, these days camera phones deliver spectacular imagery, vibrant color palettes and quality pictures, allowing amateur and professional photographers alike to capture those pivotal moments at all times. Obviously there are tons of professional and high quality cameras out there that produce stunning photos, there are also some exceptional accessories available that can make a simple camera phone yield surprisingly similar results.

The right accessories can aid in common problems such as shutter lag, color proportions and blurriness, among others. So, no matter how advanced of a photographer you may be, if you enjoy taking pictures conveniently with your phone’s camera, consider investing in a few of the following accessories to take your images to the next level.

LED Continuous Light Panel

led light

Shed a little light on your subject because the better lit your scene, the clearer your images will be. A handy light panel brightens the subject with superior-quality LED lighting that delivers more natural colors than even direct sunlight. Camera flashes cause strange glares, red eye, disfiguring shadows and unwanted reflections, but LED lighting provides a natural, appealing atmosphere for your finest shots. You can dim the lights to create ideal lighting to enhance your subject and use the panel as emergency flashlight while capturing images during a power blackout.

Extended Photo Lens

extended photo lensZooming in on subjects with the digital zoom provided in your phone impairs shot quality due to pixelation, which is when you see individual pixels as square images. Extended photo lenses for your smartphone or tablet device provide genuine optical zoom and eliminate blurred long-distance and pixelated images. Most lenses come with mini tripods that you can use to stabilize your camera and deliver an even better quality for your scenic and posed shots.

Camera Connection Kit

iphone connection kitTransferring files between a digital camera or iPhone to an iPad device requires a camera connection kit. You can choose among five different ports to transfer your data, and the lightweight kit is easy to carry with you. If recording audio or listening to a headset, most people prefer USB audio interfaces, but Apple products don’t have USB ports. Use the camera connection kit to transfer your data, plug USB devices into your iPad and sync your photos without starting your camera or accessing a laptop or PC.

Wireless Shutter Release Remote

shutter remoteTake self-portraits or appear unexpectedly in your shots like Alfred Hitchcock. Choose instant-release function or time-delay without sacrificing control of when your shutter activates. Combine the features of a remote-control unit and camera without cables. Some models come with separate automatic-focus and shutter-trigger controls and multiple infrared channels to reduce radio interference, which is particularly useful when other photographers are shooting in the same area and generating overlapping signals. Choose a compact model that fits in your hand for traveling convenience.

Digital Photo Frame

digital frameDigital photo frames allow you to display photographs, link with friends and family and view photos when they post on social-sharing forums. Receive pictures on your frame by creating a dedicated email address for the device. Digital frames allow you to store more images, share with friends, and view your shots in greater detail; in real time.


How to Protect yourself from Smartphone Theft

With recent reports that smartphone theft is on the rise nationwide, we thought it might be a good idea to provide consumers with a few tips on how to protect yourself and your devices from landing into the wrong hands.

“Thieves know that carrying a smartphone is like carrying $500 in your hands,” said Kevin Mahaffey, a co-founder of Lookout, a San Francisco-based mobile security firm. His company estimates that stolen and lost cell phones could cost American consumers more than $30 billion this year.

That being said, we suggest keeping the following guidelines in mind when it comes to your smartphone.

cell phone use in train stationAvoid Advertising Your Smartphone

It can be tempting to use your smartphone throughout the day, but you should be aware of your surroundings. Some thieves will snatch devices from unsuspecting users, even while they have the phone right up to their ear. It only takes a matter of seconds for a skilled thief to grab and run, particularly on subways, busses, and passing on crowded streets. Monitoring your surroundings can decrease the likelihood that you will be an oblivious target.

Do Not Leave Smartphones Unattended

Many smartphone users will leave their devices on coffee shop tables, car seats, and other highly visible locations. A car window is a surprisingly ineffective crime deterrent, so even while in the comfort of your own vehicle; don’t leave your phone clearly visible on the passenger seat.  An obvious, but important rule to always follow is to never leave your smartphone unattended in a public place.

locked smartphoneUtilize the Manufacturer’s Security Features

Most new smartphones are equipped with some useful security features. At the very least, most devices have a password option, so to provide protection from thieves accessing information on your phone, you should utilize this opportunity.  As soon as you activate your phone, you should set a secure password. Try to change the password regularly and avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as passwords that include your name.

Download Anti-Theft Apps

App developers have created some very useful anti-theft apps. App features include the ability to track, lock, or erase a smartphone. Tracking apps can help the police find your stolen phone, and this app is also helpful if you misplace your device. Locking apps will remotely lock your smartphone, so most thieves will not be able to obtain your personal information. Apps that remotely erase the information on your smartphone are useful if it is unlikely that your device will be found and returned to you.

cell phone pickpocketBackup Your Files

Losing significant data or precious pictures can be devastating, so it is a good idea to prepare for the worst case scenario. You should regularly save your important files to another device or cloud service. This practice can also save you from the headache caused by a malfunctioning smartphone.

Purchase Insurance

Smartphones are still relatively expensive, and a theft is unlikely to be scheduled for a time that is financially convenient. Obtaining insurance for your device may be a good idea as you never know what will happen and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, potentially saving you money in the long run. You can acquire coverage from your wireless provider or a third party company.


If you are unfortunate enough to have your smartphone stolen, the first thing you should do is report it immediately to your wireless provider so you can avoid incurring any charges on the improper use. You should also consider informing the authorities and see if they have any luck in tracking your phone and locating the thief.

Top Five Holiday Gift Ideas for 2013

It isn’t difficult to find hot holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list this year. The 2013 electronics market is booming with many new game consoles, tablets and cell phones ready to hit the market just in time for the holidays. Before you go the easy route and just hand out gift cards or cash, consider some of these top gift ideas for 2013 (although who wouldn’t love some extra money to spend at!?)

H20 Vibe Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

waterproof stereo

This is the perfect gift for the music lovers on your list, but it is also a great idea for anyone who is overworked and in need of serious rest and relaxation. The stylish speaker unit can hang or sit anywhere in a shower stall or bathtub and will stream music or audio files from any electronic device with Bluetooth capability. If the speaker is synced with a cell phone, you can even answer phone calls and talk while you shower or relax in the bathtub.

Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

car speakerphoneDo you have someone on your holiday gift list who loves to talk while they drive? That is a dangerous habit that causes many car accidents everyday, so do your loved one and other drivers a favor by giving them a safe alternative. A Bluetooth in-car speakerphone will allow them to connect to their cell phone and make calls without holding the phone to their ear. They simple speak out loud while keeping their hands safely on the steering wheel.

Wireless Media Boxes

media box

Many people have theater systems installed in their homes today, but not everyone has gone wireless. Wireless media boxes eliminate all of the wires and remotes that create tangled messes and confusion. All media is streamed through a wireless connection, and watching television and movies at home becomes far more enjoyable. If someone on your gift list is caught in the mess of home theater wires, find a wireless media box compatible with their television set and untangle them for 2014.

Flip Headphones/Speakers

white flip audio headphonesAll of the music lovers on your list will enjoy these unique headphones that double as portable speakers. They plug into most standard electronic devices with a 3.5mm jack. When turned in to cover the ears, they offer high-quality sound as headphones. When flipped out away from the ears, they broadcast that high-quality sound so others can enjoy the tunes as well.


yota phoneDo you have any book lovers on your holiday list? If so, give them a cell phone that doubles as an e-reader. It looks like a standard touchscreen cell phone on one side, but when you flip it over a monochromatic e-ink screen is revealed. One screen is for making calls, sending texts, and taking pictures. The other is for reading electronic files.

These holiday gift ideas are far more exciting than gift cards. Get creative, and give everyone you care about something to remember this year.

5 Ways You Are Destroying Your Electronics

On any average day, your personal gadgets go through a punishing routine, from colliding with the contents in your bag to enduring extreme temperatures. Although your devices may seem rugged, these incidents could potentially ruin your gadgets if you don’t use extra caution. Learning more about the common dangers that your electronics face, and taking measures to avoid these occurrences, will help you to avoid paying for replacements in the future.

Failure to Use a Case

electronics bagWhen you bought your shiny new tablet or e-reader, you probably thought that a case would make a stylish addition to your gadget. Over time, however, you may have decided that the case was cumbersome. If you don’t use a case, however, you’re putting your devices at risk of physical damage. Even if you’re careful when transporting your electronics, the people around you on the bus or at school may not be so careful. If your electronics never leave home, it’s still a good idea to invest in a case; cases protect your devices from significant damage when you accidentally drop them.

Extreme Temperatures and Improper Ventilation

Extreme heat and cold can harm the inner components and the screen of your device. Leaving your laptop bag in your car on a hot summer day is a good way to harm the device. Extreme temperatures can also damage the battery inside of your smartphone. Even when your device is in your house, you must help it maintain a safe operating temperature and provide proper ventilation. Leaving your laptop on your bed, for example, may cause it to overheat. Instead, you should keep it on a flat surface that will allow air to pass underneath the laptop.

Improper Cleaning Methods

cleaning cell phonesMany household cleaners are designed to clean tough grime and dirt from durable household surfaces. Using these cleaners on the delicate screens of your laptops and tablets could damage their screens and make your devices unusable. Using the wrong type of cleaning cloth can also have harmful effects. Paper towels, for example, are very rough and can scratch screens. To avoid damage, only use cleaners and cloths that are specifically designed to clean electronic devices. The next time you notice a smudge on your tablet, avoid the urge to wipe your screen with your shirt.

Poor Battery Management

Improperly caring for the batteries in your devices can result in unnecessary wear and failed batteries. Smartphones and tablets typically use lithium batteries. These batteries are sensitive to charge levels and improper charging. Allowing your battery to run completely dry can cause permanent damage, but overcharging can also reduce your battery’s lifespan. In addition, be sure to only charge your devices with the cords and chargers made specifically for that device. Your device’s manual should have more information to help you prolong the life of the battery.

Not Updating Your Software

anti virus on smartphoneIf you don’t regularly update your device’s software, your device may easily get hacked or infected with viruses and malware. In addition to potential loss of data, your devices may quit functioning. Although many viruses and hackers target computers, your mobile devices may be at risk as well. Fortunately, there are a number of antivirus programs designed just for your tablets and smartphones. In addition to updating your antivirus programs, you should also update your device’s operating system to close potential security holes.

Wild and Crazy Chargers

cell phone chargersFor many people, a cell phone is more than an accessory; rather it’s a necessity to everyday life.  However, these devices can run out of battery and you may not always be in an opportune location where access to a charger or an outlet is readily available…say, camping in the wilderness. Fortunately, today’s technology wizards have invented handy cell phone chargers that help guarantee your cell phone sustains full charge at all times. Although a bit unusual, these ingenious chargers could certainly come in handy.

Power Pocket Cell Phone Chargers

camping with cell phoneTaking a hiking trip in the mountains? Spending the weekend in a tent on the beach? Adventures like these often mean a bit of escape from reality, particularly from access to electricity. But these days, most people can’t last that long without their cell phone. So, to make sure you have a fully functional phone no matter where your adventure takes you, the power pocket has been created. With its unique thermocouple technology, the Power Pocket uses thermoelectric material to charge your valuable devices. Basically, the varying temperatures of the material, combined with body heat, create voltage and current, making electrical power. The Power Pocket charger can be sown on a sleeping bag so you can slumber beneath the trees while knowing you will wake up to a fully charged phone. If instead you plan on trekking through the woods and require full charge at all times, the manufacturer also adds the charging pocket to clothing.

The Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers

hiking with cell phoneWant to kill two birds with one stone – why not get some exercise while charging your cell phone? To get an arm workout while charging your cell phone, purchase a hand-cranking device. The unit is connected to a backup battery that receives its power from the power you generate with your cranking abilities. If you crank the device for one minute, then you will produce enough power to send several text messages or make a quick phone call. Maybe not the most efficient charging device out there, this is definitely one you should consider adding to your emergency car kit.

Wind and Solar Cell Phone Chargers

One of today’s craziest charging technologies features a bicycle helmet that stores the wind and solar energy that you accumulate while riding a bike. The helmet possesses a small fan to collect the wind’s energy as well as solar cells to acquire energy from the sun. According to the developers, a 40-minute bicycle ride produces enough power to fully charge your cell phone.

Foot Pump Chargers

The foot pump charger is similar to the hand crank unit as it requires physical effort to create energy. The unit features a turbine that develops electricity from the airflow produced by the pumping action. The item is especially handy for outdoor excursions, such as camping, because it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Fuel Cell Phone Chargers

A fuel cell charger is a small, portable unit that you can take with you for cell phone charging emergencies. The device needs a fuel cell and one spoonful of water to develop power. Specifically, the source uses an advanced electro-chemical process to function. The charger also stores power. This innovative charger is another great option to have in case of emergencies.

With one of these nontraditional cell phone chargers, you can avoid the inconvenience of a dead cell phone battery, no matter where you are. Furthermore, many of the unique options are environmentally friendly while some can even help you improve your health.

The Best iPhone Pranks

broken iphone appIn the mood for a good laugh? One of the easiest, yet most effective ways to pull off a hilarious practical joke is via your unknowing victim’s iPhone. Obviously your victim must own an iPhone in order to accomplish one of these devious tricks, but if they don’t…with over 150 million people owning an iPhone, you’ve got more than a handful of other oblivious targets to choose from. The tricky part will be getting your hands on their cellphone without igniting suspicion, but if you can successfully snag their iPhone for a few minutes, you can easily generate some laughs by applying one of these harmless, yet hysterical pranks!

1. Scare Your Prank Victim with Fear2

What’s funnier than scaring the living daylights out of someone? With the downloadable Fear2 app, this task couldn’t be easier. Once the app is loaded onto the phone, set the provided timer and the next time your victim goes to use their phone, the timer will run out and an extremely frightening face will appear on the screen accompanied by a blood-curdling scream (so be sure you turn the volume on as well).  The unexpectedness coupled with the shocking elements will certainly provoke a quality reaction. As funny as this will surely be, think about pulling off this prank in an area with a soft floor as there’s a good chance they will drop their phone in horror!

2. Make Your Victim’s Touchscreen Appear to Stop Workingblurry iPhone

This iPhone prank will take the most time to implement, so make sure that your friend is properly distracted before you put it into motion. As soon as you have a secure amount of time, take a screenshot of their iPhone’s home screen. Next, you will need to move all of the icons from this screen into a folder on the second screen. To complete the prank, you will turn the screenshot that you took into their wallpaper. Once all of these steps have been completed, your victim’s iPhone screen will look normal, but it will not do anything when they click on it. This prank will definitely frustrate your prey like no other.

3. Use a Free Web Based Trick to Make Your Victim’s Screen Look Broken

Grab your friend’s phone and visit for a plethora of options to substitute with their home screen. Options include fallen icons, a cracked screen, a blurry screen and a screen filled with smudge marks. Browse through this website for additional tricks you can try out on your friends.

4. Change their Autocorrect Settings

Everyone has experienced some frustration at the hands of the iPhone’s inferior Fallen icon iphoneautocorrect, but you can use this exasperating nuisance to your advantage by implementing this entertaining prank. Simply go to Settings, Keyboard and then click on Add New Shortcut. From here, you can choose any common word (pick a few that they are sure to use often) and provide a funny phrase that will be automatically input each time they type the specified word. Just think how annoying it would be to see the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” pop in to your conversation every time you try to type “the.”

5. Place a Good Old Fashioned Prank Call with a Twist

If you would rather not mess with the settings of your victim’s phone, you can use the PrankBoard app from your own phone to send them a prank call from a wide variety of celebrities, including Mister Rogers. Additionally, this app has the option to send the recipient a prank call from several other annoying sources such as a telemarketer. The options are endless with this great app, so peruse through the options to find the perfect match for your naive victim.

Featured Product of the Month: The Sony Foldable P Tablet

Sony Foldable TabletOur featured product for November is a sophisticated pocket computer that folds like a book. The Sony Foldable P Tablet offers four gigabytes of storage space, an integrated five-megapixel camera and two 5.5-inch screens. Thanks to its Android operating system, this model runs a tremendous variety of apps.

You can use the Sony Foldable P Tablet to watch videos, play computer games or listen to music. It also has a number of practical uses. This device provides access to travel directions, weather forecasts, news headlines and other data. Android apps and mobile websites make this possible. The computer also lets you check your email on the go.

Sony Foldable TabletTwo displays

If you aren’t familiar with this model, you probably wonder how it uses two screens. Most of the bundled software treats each screen as a separate “window” that performs a distinct task. Programmers design standard mobile apps for a single screen, so you can choose to view them on one display or use the split-screen mode.

The Sony Foldable P Tablet boasts a combined video resolution of 2,048 by 960 pixels. This device’s high-resolution screens and Sony TruBlack technology enable it to produce very sharp images. TruBlack screens minimize glare and enhance contrast, according to Sony’s website. You may also use a high-definition TV as an external monitor.

Sony Foldable TabletCapabilities

This pocket computer weighs under a pound, but it may offer more computing power than your desktop PC. It features one gigabyte of memory, an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sony Foldable P Tablet can also use 4G cellular networks to communicate. MicroUSB and SD ports allow users to connect an assortment of add-ons.

Many useful accessories are available for this hand-held device. Memory cards let you save additional data and download more apps. Various chargers use a range of power sources to energize its lithium ion battery. Although the Sony tablet’s folding design prevents screen damage, you can buy a case or pouch for extra protection.

Sony Foldable TabletHigh marks

Many customers give this tablet favorable reviews. The device often receives high praise for its innovative design, durability and compact size. Owners also appreciate the superior versatility of the Sony Foldable P Tablet. It lets them take photos, play Crash Bandicoot, read e-books and check stock quotes on the same small device.

This pocket computer cost $349 when it first appeared on the market, so you may have overlooked it. All4Cellular currently retails it for less than $140. This is a great opportunity to acquire a quality modern tablet at relatively little expense. It also makes an excellent holiday gift for a close friend or loved one.

The Best and the Worst Smartphones for DIY Repairs

Mobile phone with robotWhen you buy a smartphone, you don’t expect something to go wrong, but accidents happen. The screen might crack, the back might not stay on, buttons may get stuck, etc. If you can’t easily repair your phone, you might have to shell out another $200 (or maybe even much more) to replace it. Here are the best and worst models for DIY smartphone repairs:

The Best of the Best

The folks over at iFixit recently ranked the most popular smartphones on what they’ve dubbed “repairability.” Keep in mind that these phones aren’t ranked for their overall build quality, speed, display resolution, or other specifications. These are simply the phones that are easiest to repair without serious modifications and technical expertise.

Motorola DROID Bionic

Motorola offers a variety of phones, but none is as easy to repair as the DROID Bionic. Unlike many smartphones, the Bionic’s battery can be replaced in a matter of seconds without any tools. A modular design lets anyone remove faulty parts without tearing out multiple components. Because it’s now two years old, you can find replacement parts for the DROID Bionic for next to nothing.

Smashed SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S4

Nearly as popular as the iPhone, the Galaxy S4 is about as easy to repair as the DROID Bionic. The battery comes out in seconds, and you can access all of the S4’s vital components simply by popping off the rear panel. Unfortunately, a few of the components are attached to the screen’s backside.

Blackberry Z10

Say what you will about Blackberry, but the company makes rugged, dependable phones that are easily repairable. Although the battery comes out in just a few seconds, you’ll need to unscrew the back plate to open the phone up. However, you’re less likely to break the case if you accidentally drop it.

The Worst of the Worst

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find phones that are all but impossible to repair. These phones are so difficult to repair that even the phone’s manufacturer will often choose to replace it instead of attempting to fix it.


A DIY smartphone repair of the HTC One is nothing more than a source of endless despair and frustration. Any attempt to open the phone is all but guaranteed to damage the case. Good luck ordering repair parts — HTC had to delay the One due to part shortages. While those issues might be cleared up by now, you’ll never pry the case apart without destroying it. If your HTC One is damaged, there’s almost no chance that you or HTC can repair it.

repair cell phoneApple iPhone

While newer iPhone models get decent repairability marks, the original was a DIY nightmare. Components were jammed into the case, and components were often glued or soldered together. If you want to repair the original iPhone, set aside at least 20 minutes just to disassemble it.


Remember when we said the DROID Bionic was a fantastic and repairable phone? The DROID RAZR is the complete opposite. While the case isn’t too difficult to pry off, the battery is firmly attached to the motherboard. Attempts to pry it off often result in irreparable damage.

So, if you’re one to frequently damage your phone and don’t have the extra cash to spend on a new one…it might be smart to consider the repairability of the phone model you decide to purchase!